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Jan 22 2018
by Rachael Rosenthal

5 Reminders You Need Leading up to Spring Sorority Recruitment

By Rachael Rosenthal - Jan 22 2018

Getting ready to rush Greek life can be stressful; you need certain outfits, you may not know which house is your dream house, all your friends are gossiping and sending the perfect preference dress and you're about to see a whole new aspect of what college has to offer. As we prepare to go back for spring semester, try using these tips to keep your head on straight. 

1. If You Feel Good You'll Look Even Better 

Sure having the right outfit is important while rushing, but feeling amazing is everything. You shouldn't have to deal with uncomfortable heels while you're also non-stop talking to a million girls and running from house to house. If you feel good in what you're wearing you'll be more amicable and the sorority girls will be able to tell a genuine smile from one who just wants to get out of her heels. 

2. Bring Snacks for Between Houses

Talking all day and being on your feet is tiring. Don't forget to throw snacks in your jacket pocket to make sure you stay your best self all day and don't snap. 

3. Keep Your Opinions To Yourself 

Everyone's going to have different opinions about each sorority. Don't say mean things about one your friend might want to join. You never know where you and all of your friends may end up. Keep an open mind and put the judgements at bay. 

4. Don't Sell Yourself

Okay, maybe sell yourself a little. But remember the sorority is trying to recruit you, you're not trying to recruit yourself. Put yourself in their shoes when judging yourself and remember that authenticity is key. 

5. Remember It's Not A Competition 

You'll get dropped from some houses. Your friends may get dropped from others. Everything happens for a reason and trust that you'll end up where you're supposed to be. It's about finding your perfect fit, which means that you and all your friends may not end up in the exact same houses (and that's okay)!

Going through the rush process can be really daunting. But picturing the end result, of ending up in your perfect house with new friends and a new social schedule, can help make the long days a little easier. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash via Matthew Henry

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Rachael Rosenthal - Syracuse University

Rachael Rosenthal is a Freshman at Syracuse University. Rachael majors in Magazine in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Follow her on Instagram @rachaelrosenthal!

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