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Mar 06 2018
by Rachael Rosenthal

All the Instagram Accounts You Need In Your Life and Why

By Rachael Rosenthal - Mar 06 2018
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Make scrolling through your feed worthwhile with accounts that make you think, make you happy, and inspire you to be better. Following these new aesthetically pleasing accounts will spice up the pictures you spend hours looking at every day. 

 1. @yolanda.hadid 

Photo Credit: Instagram @yolanda.hadid

Beverly Hills Housewife, Lyme disease survivor and mom to some of the biggest models in the industry, Yolanda Hadid finds purpose in her everyday life. Yolanda's Instagram falls nothing short of perfection. With quotable captions and hashtags, color coordinated pictures and natural aesthetics, Yolanda reminds her followers what it means to stay true to yourself, the importance of family and how far self care can take you. Her posts will make you want to take all your makeup off, go buy a monochrome outfit from Lululemon and take a nature walk. 

2. @cleowade

Photo Credit: Instagram @cleowade

Cleo's pictures get reposted by celebrities, brands and ordinary people alike. Her unique handwriting only complements her most powerful quotes. Her Instas always have me looking a little longer before I continue scrolling. 

3. @ellabeanthedog

Photo Credit: Instagram @ellabeanthedog

Although everyone follows cute puppy Instagrams, Ella Bean and her new sister Coconut take doggy-chic to the next level. Both miniature and very well groomed, Ella Bean's posts never fail to make me smile and remember to be my most fabulous self. 

4. @traveltomax

Photo Credit: Instagram @traveltomax

This travel account reminds me everyday about how much I can't wait to see the world. Living vicariously through their pictures, their followers get to see all the best spots and the most luxurious hotels in the world. 

5. @somethingnavy

Photo Credit: Instagram @somethingnavy

One of the biggest bloggers out there, SomethingNavy never disappoints. She's authentic, her outfits are wearable and understated and she has a really cute baby. I never fail to miss her entertaining Instastories and feel connected to her brand as a follower. 

6. @blackjaguarwhitetiger