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Dec 26 2017
by Rachael Rosenthal

8 Ways to Decompress Over Winter Break After a Long Semester

By Rachael Rosenthal - Dec 26 2017

Going to college means constantly being busy and rarely taking the time to relax and take care of yourself. Being home for weeks on end provides the optimal time to recoup and remember what it feels like to relax. Here are eight ways to decompress over winter break after a long semester. 

1. Remember What Silence Sounds Like 

Dorm rooms are loud; music is constantly playing, boys are screaming and fire alarms can go off at any hour of the night. It can be hard to remember the sounds of silence and how important it is to be quiet.

2. Go Back to Eating Greens 

It can be hard to break the cycle of eating Easy Mac or pizza for every meal, but winter break is the time to get back to a vision of health. Eating more fruits and vegetables after a semester at college is one of the best ways to start taking better care of yourself. 

3. Sleep for Days 

When you go home for holidays it can be hard to break the viscous cycle of staying up until the early hours, waking up, then going to class and spending all night parting. Give yourself more than enough time to sleep and regenerate before beginning any winter break festivities. 

4. Spend Time With Family

They may be annoying and constantly trying to hug you, but you haven't spent quality time with your family in months.  Put in the effort to spend time with those who love you most. 

5. Exercise 

During the semester you can find plenty of good excuses to avoid working out; you have too much work, the gym is far from your dorms and classes, you'd rather be sleeping. But now that your schedule is 100% free, remember to take good care of your body and spend a few hours a week exercising. Take a spin class, go for a walk outside or do a workout video with your friends; now is the time to start your new year resolutions! 

6. Catch Up on Your Favorite Shows 

It's nearly impossible to spend hours every week to keep up with your favorite shows. Break is the ideal time to spend endless hours on the couch catching up on all the best seasons. 

7. Don't Forget About Your Home Friends

It may be a new concept to have two different friend groups, but remember your childhood friends. They were with you before you met all of your new, bicoastal college friends, and they'll be with you when those new friends are suddenly not who you thought they were. 

8. Get Excited to go Back to School

Follow all of these steps, and then remember that you spent the better part of senior year selecting the perfect college for you. Get ready to go back to your favorite place, see your new friends and start a new semester on the right foot. 

Winter break is maybe the first time you have had a true break; no upcoming assignments due and no commitments. Take advantage of this time and take care of yourself before going back for another semester of endless fun. 

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Rachael Rosenthal - Syracuse University

Rachael Rosenthal is a Freshman at Syracuse University. Rachael majors in Magazine in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Follow her on Instagram @rachaelrosenthal!

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