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Nov 20 2017
by Rachael Rosenthal

6 Perks That Come With Going To The Same College As Your Sister

By Rachael Rosenthal - Nov 20 2017

Siblings can be a big factor when deciding where to go and spend your next four years. While there may be a hidden urge to "branch out" and "do your own thing," here are six reasons why going to college with your sister may be the best thing ever. 

1. You never have to split up your wardrobe.

Being separated from your sister means having to break up the wardrobe the two of you dedicated your lives to building. Going to school together avoids this traumatic issue and means you never have to say goodbye to your favorite jeans and sweaters. 

2. Her friends become your friends.

Running into people on campus is a huge factor in making you feel welcome on campus. While it may take time to build solid friendships of your own, having your sister’s friends to wave to on the quad and sit next to in class goes a long way. 

3. She'll keep you sane and in the know. 

As a freshman, everything from schoolwork to socializing can feel beyond overwhelming when you only have other freshman to tell you what’s going on. Having an older sister means having someone to calm you down when you do poorly on a test and to tell you where the night’s frat parties are. Sisters will always remember to tell you what’s going on. 

4. She’s your on-campus therapist.

We all have days when everyone’s being annoying and nothing’s going right and we're too stressed to breathe. It’s days like this where having your sister with you counts the most. Hanging out in her dorm or apartment, or meeting for dinner can give you a much needed break from the stress of college and friends. 

5. She gets you more than anyone else ever will. 

For those times you need to be crazy and wild and anyone else would think you've lost your mind, your sister is there to play with you. She'll play throwback music extra loud with you, eat way too much cookie dough and endlessly tease you with baby pictures. No new friends compare to the one you were born with. 

6. She's a piece of home when you're far away. 

Having someone who knows where you come from and who you really are is priceless. You'll never feel like you're alone in a new place so far away from home. She's the ideal best friend to have with you at all times, especially when surrounded by so many new people. 

Going to college offers you the opportunity to make new friends, grow up faster than ever before and come home feeling like a new person. Having your sister by your side when you're away ensures that you always have someone to bring out the true you so you never forget who you are. 

Lead Image Credit: Rachael Rosenthal

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Rachael Rosenthal - Syracuse University

Rachael Rosenthal is a Freshman at Syracuse University. Rachael majors in Magazine in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Follow her on Instagram @rachaelrosenthal!

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