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Jan 17 2017
by Prashanth Rajesh

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Watching the Inauguration

By Prashanth Rajesh - Jan 17 2017
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On January 20th, 2017, President-elect Donald J. Trump will swear in as the 45th President of the United States of America. This occurs every four years when a President is inaugurated and commences his presidency. While the occasion is very important to United States history and tradition, there are many people who intend to boycott the Presidential Inauguration due to their disagreement with President-elect Trump and his policies. Here are four reasons why we all should consider watching the Presidential Inauguration.

1. The Inaugural Parade

Part of the Inauguration Day proceedings involves a magnificent parade to the White House. The Presidential procession and Inaugural Parade travel from the West Lawn of the Capitol to the White House. This parade is comparable to events such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade in terms of attendance and preparation. Viewers can see one of the oldest traditions in American History with modern touches, as the Inaugural Parade can be traced as far back as President Thomas Jefferson’s second inauguration in 1805.

2. The Inaugural Speech

On Inauguration Day, the President gives a brief speech that sets the tone for their presidency. That is, people will see what a President intends to do, usually specifically during his first 100 days, as well as how he intends to do it. The Inaugural Address is a historic tradition dating back to George Washington, and each year’s Address stands as one of the many milestones during a President’s term.

3. Patriotism

The entire day is catered towards reminding Americans about the history of their country. Every President, from Washington to Obama, has experienced these events on some level or another. Although some people may believe Donald Trump is the worst thing to happen to American politics since the inception of a two-party system, this patriotism is to remind Americans that we can persevere. If we survived a war with the British, we can survive this. If we endured a civil war, we can endure this. If we dominated not one, but two world wars and still came out on top, we can come out on top with this too. The traditions of the Presidential Inauguration are here to remind us of the greatness that comes with being an American.

4. He IS our President.

Above all, we should watch the Inauguration because President-elect Trump will be our President. He won’t just be the President of Republican America or of those who voted for him. He will affect the lives of every American, Liberal and Conservative alike. Staging protests or riots only reiterates the consensus that most people did not vote for President-elect Trump. Instead of wasting time preaching to the choir, the people should give him a chance to enter his position. For the past two Presidential Inaugurations, Liberals asked Conservatives to give President Obama a chance before dismissing him. Today, all Conservatives can ask of Liberals is the same: give President-elect Trump a chance.

Tune in as early as 7:00am EST to watch the Presidential Inauguration live on a variety of sources!

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Prashanth Rajesh - University of California, Los Angeles

Prashanth is a freshman studying Computer Science and Engineering at UCLA. He enjoys physically demanding activities such as running and dancing, but also loves mentally challenging activities such as discussing politics and playing chess.

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