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Jan 06 2016
by Peyton Cole

5 Ways The Bachelor is Similar to Greek Formal Rush

By Peyton Cole - Jan 06 2016

It's no secret that the new Bachelor, Ben Higgins, is extremely attractive and super sweet. What girl wouldn't want to fall for a man like that? The first episode of this season aired Monday, January 4th, and it was a whirlwind of emotions for both the contestants and the viewers. We watched as the ladies did their absolute best to be charming and poised as they made their first impressions on Ben. In the beginning of this season, the contestants will have very little time with Ben, so they must use their limited time to "wow" him and really get him to remember them. And some girls went about that in different ways. For example, Amanda K. walked out of the limo with a giant rose headpiece. Nothing says, "I deserve a rose," like a giant headpiece!

Then there was Caila, the girl that literally jumped into Ben's arms in order to be swept off her feet. Or even better...TWINS! Ben was taken aback when -- not just one -- but two girls stepped out of the limo at the same time, and he couldn't even tell the difference between them. This will certainly make for an interesting season especially since they both made it through the first rose ceremony. 

Now how does the show, "The Bachelor," relate to formal rush? Well for anyone that hasn't actually experienced formal rush, it is one of the most stressful, emotional, eye-opening and amazing weeks of a college girl's life – and these are some ways it's similar to "The Bachelor."

1. First Impressions are Everything

Girls spend so much time researching and prepping themselves on each sorority in order to make sure they find the one that is the best fit for them in the end. The first day of rush is filled with first impressions and nerves, since you only get to spend about fifteen minutes at each house. Your time is short while you are trying to make the best impression with someone you literally just met. 

The women on The Bachelor have just met Ben and are trying to make an impression that could show him that they should be his future wife. It's certainly nerve-wracking! Some girls will go above and beyond to make a lasting impression on the ladies in the house during rush, just like Amanda K. with that large rose. During my experience, I never saw a girl wearing a giant rose headpiece or jumping into another girl's arms; however, I witnessed girls wearing some expensive clothes and tall heels in order to make themselves look more appealing. Make a good first impression...but be yourself! 

2. Jealousy is an Ugly Trait – BEWARE!

I watched as girls got spiteful and rude towards other girls in order to ruin their confidence or bruise their self-esteem. But that's not what one should do during a process like formal rush or a reality show. Lace, one of the women on the show, began to grow angry as a former contestant, Becca, entered the room. Jealousy is an ugly trait! Active members within the sorority house want positive, sisterly, poised, and strong girls to join their sisterhood in order to uphold their values and strengthen the sisterhood, so they most likely will not want jealous or demeaning girls to join their sisterhood.

3. Do Your Homework to Find the Best Fit for You

The ladies on the show researched Ben and found common interests in hope that they'll end up with someone they truly want to be with. On "The Bachelor," the girls are in search of one soulmate, but with Greek life, the girls are in search of a sisterhood that will last a lifetime. Both are stressful, intimidating, but wonderful experiences. 

4. Don't Try To Be Someone That You're Not

Girls should be themselves and do what is most comfortable to end up in a house that they truly fit into. It's hard to be yourself when you fear rejection -- that's understandable, especially when you fear rejection from something you've wanted for so long. In "The Bachelor" premiere, we witnessed girls wearing unicorn masks, stealing the first kiss, and bringing a miniature pony to the ceremony. Even though these instances are a tad bit strange for first impressions, the women were being themselves. If Ben can't handle them being themselves, then the relationship was doomed from the start. These women are putting themselves out there in front of millions on national television, so props to them for being so bold! When you're going through formal rush, don't be afraid to be yourself. The right house will want you for you, not someone you pretend to be. In the end, you'll end up in the sorority you were meant to be in.

5. What Is Supposed to Happen Will Happen

Speaking from my personal experience, I am so thankful that I ended up where I did. My sorority has changed my life and I have found lifelong sisters that have changed me for the better and made me feel special and loved. Finding one soulmate and finding your true sisters are two processes that have more in common than one might think. The women on the ABC show will end up where they are supposed to be, whether that is with Ben or not. Ben may not be their soulmate, but that doesn't mean the world is over if they don't end up together. Same with formal rush. Just because you don't end up where you initially thought, doesn't mean you won't end up somewhere amazing! Obviously with a reality show, there is only one winner but the overall message is the same. With your sisterhood, you will end up where you are supposed to be!

Lead Image Credit: ABC 

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