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Apr 27 2016
by Peyton Cole

5 Reasons Sisterhood is Stronger Than Most People Realize

By Peyton Cole - Apr 27 2016

When you ask someone that is not affiliated with Greek life they might say that Greek life is just a reason for kids to get together, party, and get drunk all the time. That is not true in the slightest, and I will tell you why. I recently joined the wonderful sisterhood of Alpha Omicron Pi at the University of Mississippi. I'll admit that going through recruitment was a scary but fulfilling experience for me. I was so ecstatic to open my bid day card and run home. I was embraced by hundreds of girls that didn't even know my name yet. It's amazing to me that so many girls can show such genuine happiness for someone they literally just saw for the first time or just met. That is what sisterhood is about. Sisterhood is about rejoicing with the girls who value the same things as you and it is about loving them more than they could even love themselves. It's emotional being welcomed so strongly by so many girls because you know that these girls will change the next four years of your life, and here's why that bond is stronger than some people realize.

1. You Show the Truest Form of Yourself

People are sadly mistaken when they have this vision of sorority girls walking around all day with perfect hair and perfect makeup, dressed in the most expensive clothing. That isn't true whatsoever. If you were to walk in and spend a day with the sisters you would see oversized shirts and comfy shorts with their hair done whatever way they felt like that morning. We do not feel that we must dress to impress. Now if we want to dress up we will, and we have some beautiful girls to show for it. But we also know that we do not need to impress our sisters because looks are not the reasons we love each other. We are not afraid to be our silly selves whenever we want. I can speak for my own sorority but I also know that I speak for most Greek life in general when I say that. 

2. What is Mine is Ours

-They say that when you join a sisterhood you gain hundreds of sisters...and hundreds of closets. I kind of laughed when I was told this because I wasn't really sure to what extent they meant by this. I was wrong! These girls are so generous with anything they own. If a sister needs an outfit, dozens of girls will offer. If a sister needs help with homework or studying, dozens of girls will offer. If a sister needs a ride or someone to go somewhere with her, dozens of girls will offer. You are truly never alone within your sisterhood. 

3. There is Endless Support

Not all five hundred or so girls will be involved in the same activity , but that does mean that they won't support whatever you are doing. Hundreds of girls will be in your sisterhood which means that there could be hundreds of different activities your sisters will be involved in. It doesn't matter what you do because if you need support they will be there. We have several sisters that were involved in a dance competition at the Student Union this fall and several others involved in another dance competition called Theta Encore as well. At both events there were crowds of AOII sisters cheering their sisters on. I was an athlete all my life, so I know that a fan section makes the event more enjoyable for the one competing and the ones cheering. It's also amazing to have so many girls spending their time just to see you succeed to the best of your ability and cheer for you regardless of the ending result. 

4. You Connect With Your Community and the World

One thing people do not know is that each sorority has a local and national philanthropy that they support. It is something that the girls look forward to each year. The sisterhood supports physically and monetarily to those that need the help. Going through rush was emotional because you heard these endless stories about these causes the girls would support. It was amazing to see how their contributions affected those in need. It was fulfilling to know that you would soon be changing lives with the girls who were changing yours. 

5. When Tragedy Strikes the Sisterhood Unites

It doesn't matter what happens because if one sister is in trouble the whole sisterhood will come together. Recently, the Alpha Omicron Pi Chapter at Ole Miss lost a sister of its own. Carli Sears was known as this ray of sunshine that would light up any room with her laugh or smile. We reached out to the world, her family, and each other with endless support. It was truly eyeopening to see just how strong the bond between all of us was. The endless posts about peace and blessings for her family and those affected were so beautiful to read. Not everyone knew Carli but they may have known someone that did, and they still shared a sisterhood. The loss was so painful because she was a sister who shared the same love and values that you did, and to lose that is heartbreaking. I dedicate this post to Carli because she embodied all of these reasons I discussed to the utmost extent, and her legacy will live on. 

Rest In Peace Carli Sears<3

Love, the Sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi Nu Beta


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Peyton Cole - University of Mississippi

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