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Aug 02 2015
by Patience Faubert

The 6 Stages of Applying for a Student Loan

By Patience Faubert - Aug 02 2015

1. Procrastination

I definitely need a loan. But isn’t that based on taxes and all kinds of information I don’t have? I would just have to stop and start again. Sounds really anxiety-inducing, and who knows what could happen before September? Maybe I’ll come in to money and my loan application will be for nothing. Except that I would have to inherit someone’s entire estate in order to pay for the next four years up front.

2. Confidence

Alright, this website is formatted nicely enough, let’s get started here. September 2015 — it recognizes my program and everything! That’s sweet. I appreciate how simple this is. Man, I love the feeling of getting this done and being productive. I’m going to be an awesome adult. Bring on the tougher questions; I know exactly what I’m doing here.

3. Confusion

OK so my parents are not together...well, I wouldn’t say I have one parent. No, they’re from the same province. Who is my “primary caregiver”? What is the “family home”? Two different parents. Why do they need to know so much about the pre-study period? Hasn’t my whole life been the pre-study period? OK well yes, I will be working during school, but I don’t know where or how much I’ll make — I still need to search for a job. But I definitely won’t be getting money from any of these resources they list.

4. Doubt

Hold on. What if I am getting money from these resources? What if my parents are wrong about something and therefore I’m misrepresenting myself here? I don’t want to be sent to jail. What if they find out I’m looking for a job next year and they take all the money back because they think I can support myself? I’ll have to stop later on and make sure this is accurate.

5. Procrastination Part II

I don’t trust it. I don’t trust it at all. This application is a never-ending interrogation and I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m going to get arrested if I finish it. I think was actually easier to get started on it when I didn’t know what I was in for; the anxiety is so real now. I’m better off watching TV for a few solid days until I’m ready to jump back in.

6. Relief

SUBMITTED. I am so ready for that money. I get to just relax and wait. I have no idea how I’ll actually pay it back, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it, right? It’s only five times more money than I’ve ever possessed or spent in my entire life. That’s what the degree is supposedly for, anyway.

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Patience Faubert - St. Thomas University

Patience is a freshman at St Thomas University in Fredericton, NB (Canada) planning to major in journalism. She’s also passionate about performing arts and leadership, so you can guess what kind of nerd she was in high school. Patience enjoys iced coffee on the regular. She is Fresh U STU's Editor-In-Chief. Follow @PaeHF on twitter!

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