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May 30 2015
by Patience Faubert

8 of the Most Obscure Majors in North America

By Patience Faubert - May 30 2015

Now that we are making some of the first big decisions of our adult lives, we are constantly faced with questions of whether we are on the right path and whether we have really thought through the overwhelming variety of options we have. This is why I’ve reached into the depths of the Internet to show you what career paths you could take. Here are some of the most unique, job-specific Bachelor and Associate degrees available in North America (in no particular order).

1. Viticulture and Enology

In other words: grapes and wine. You may not be allowed to taste any wine in the U.S. until your fourth year of college, but you will know just how to make a quality bottle of wine if you take this major at Cornell University. This major also comes with the added bonus of throwing great dinner parties for the rest of your life.

2. Adventure Studies

I can’t get over how magical this sounds. Thompson Rivers University specializes in hospitality and this is one of their few degree programs that will get you a Bachelor of Tourism Management. It might be a good choice if you suggest “tenting” every time someone wants to throw a party.

3. Professional Golf Management

It’s certainly obscure, but if you graduate from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science (yep, science) in Professional Golf Management, then you are qualified for a PGA membership and a pretty sweet job in entertainment. Alternatively, Ferris State University also offers a similar program in Professional Tennis Management.

4. Packaging Science

If your family’s careless packing jobs for vacation make you sweat, maybe you’re one of the (presumably few) people who would do really well in Rochester Institute of Technology’s Packaging Science program. With an intense combination of science, math and business classes, this major is not for the weak of heart.

5. Glass

Another gem from Rochester Institute of Technology is simply called their Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Glass. This is actually a really intricate art form which consists mostly of blowing and forming glass until it looks pretty and/or has a practical use. Glass majors take a variety of art classes to get their degree and have some seriously intimidating skills.

6. Sports Ministry

Looking in to faith-based universities I found that ministry can be applied to just about anything. Indiana Wesleyan University offers this major in Sports Ministry for those who are passionate about recreational sports and religion. While they might seem unrelated, both foster camaraderie and result in people feeling pumped up.

7. Insurance Studies

It’s not exactly Adventure Studies, but I’m sure there’s some young child out there who dreams of working in insurance, right? Kent State University not only offers Insurance as an umbrella program, but specific types of Insurance Studies to choose from, such as Property and Casualty, Life and Health or CPCU Holders.

8. Energy Healing

It’s pretty common knowledge that modern medicine isn’t the only option for those interested in helping others to heal, but degree programs are few and far between for training in alternative methods. Bircham International University is a private online school which offers a whole Natural Health Science department of obscure, but awesome majors.

Lead Image Credit: Maja Petric

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Patience Faubert - St. Thomas University

Patience is a freshman at St Thomas University in Fredericton, NB (Canada) planning to major in journalism. She’s also passionate about performing arts and leadership, so you can guess what kind of nerd she was in high school. Patience enjoys iced coffee on the regular. She is Fresh U STU's Editor-In-Chief. Follow @PaeHF on twitter!

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