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Jun 11 2015
by Patience Faubert

6 Types of High School Teachers We Still Need

By Patience Faubert - Jun 11 2015

Some high school teachers will continue to influence us, even after we graduate. Here are six types of high school teachers we will still need in college.

1. The Yogi

Disney Wiki

This teacher had a philosophy for why you were stressed, how you could fix it and the endless benefits of diet and exercise. No matter which class they taught, they tied in the odd vinyasa session for balance. Conversations with this teacher always left you momentarily inspired to improve your lifestyle. You also had to avoid talking to them on bad days because they’d insist that letting your emotions go was a good thing — and then you’d be crying for no reason.

2. The Hard-Ass

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You were warned about this teacher even before you walked in to high school. You also got all sentimental about your last day in their class. It wasn’t always easy, but when the hard-ass praised your work, they had the power to make you feel crazy good about yourself. You have evidence to believe that they may have even liked you.

3. The Extra-Curricular

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A.K.A. your coach, director or club advisor. Your time with this teacher was awesome because it centered on the things you actually enjoyed about school. So while we don’t know why anyone would choose to spend more time with teenagers than they had to, we’re certainly glad they did. With these opportunities we have enough embarrassing stories, friendships and low-budget medals to last us a lifetime. You’re welcome, Mom.

4. The Advocate

This teacher never failed to put kids in their place for being douche-y or hateful. Okay, they probably didn’t call out bullies by name in front of the whole school like Tina Fey. But it was common knowledge that their classroom was not the place for mean “humor.” In the case that someone was loudly offensive, you loved this teacher for saying what the rest of the class was thinking.

5. The Life-Experienced

This teacher had a personal story to tie in to each and every section of the curriculum. Their speeches were equal parts tedious and impressive — bonus points if your life-experienced teacher was Robin Williams from “Dead Poets Society.” Regardless, at this point you could probably write up your teacher’s biography with a chapter of solely inspirational quotes. Too much information? Maybe. Do life lessons beat taking notes? You bet.

6. The Social Media Presence

Glee Wiki

Oh how we’ll miss this tweeting, selfie-posting, YouTube-sharing teacher. Normally we wouldn’t want to take our school life home with us, but we didn’t mind being in on this teacher’s anecdotal commentary. Now if the others would follow suit, we could keep the voices of our favorite teachers around without actually doing any homework for them — everyone wins!

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Patience Faubert - St. Thomas University

Patience is a freshman at St Thomas University in Fredericton, NB (Canada) planning to major in journalism. She’s also passionate about performing arts and leadership, so you can guess what kind of nerd she was in high school. Patience enjoys iced coffee on the regular. She is Fresh U STU's Editor-In-Chief. Follow @PaeHF on twitter!

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