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Feb 10 2016
by Parth Shah

Why I Decided To Rush

By Parth Shah - Feb 10 2016

Coming into college, I was not certain about many things. One thing I thought for sure, though, was that I did not want to be a part of Greek life. Coming from a small, suburban Long Island town where I essentially knew everyone in my school, I never fully understood the hype. I had friends, I was on sports teams, and I was involved. The idea of being in a fraternity never sounded attractive to me. I thought I would come to college and make a bunch of good friends right away, and immediately feel comfortable. And although that was the case to a certain extent, I left my first semester feeling satisfied yet searching for something that seemed to be missing. To the surprise of my friends back home, I decided to rush this semester after checking out some events -- and it's already turning into on of the best decisions I've made.

So why did I ultimately decide to pledge a fraternity?

Brotherhood. From the first rush event I attended for Delta Tau Delta, I immediately felt comfortable and at home. The guys I met were open and friendly, fun, loving and passionate. They really stressed the value of working hard and doing well academically with the balance of having fun in the process along with the importance of being yourself while also growing with others. The values that the fraternity stands for - truth, courage, faith, and power - and the desire to shatter the stereotypes of a "frat" appealed to me. Personally, I enjoy being a part of groups that are always growing, striving to continually become better and better, and it is something that I found with Delt, which has only been at Northeastern for 4 years.

After going to rush events, which ranged from dinner to mini golf, I was sold. The friends I had already made, and the chance to make 80 new ones was too hard to pass up. It feels good to be a part of a family once again and to feel that support and friendship already starting to blossom.

Thank you, Delta Tau Delta, for taking the chance on me and welcoming me with open arms. I'm looking forward to the next 4 years full of incredible times. To paraphrase the late John F Kennedy, I'm looking forward to what I can do for Delt, not only what Delt can do for me. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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Parth Shah - Northeastern University

Parth Shah is a freshman at Northeastern University majoring in Marketing and Finance. He is the published author of Motivation: A High School Student's Guide to Success and a big lover of sports. He also works as the Social Media Director for Fresh U Northeastern. Follow him on Twitter @shah_parth_!

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