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Oct 28 2015
by Olivia Ray Laskowski

Things Freshman from Nashville are Tired of Hearing

By Olivia Ray Laskowski - Oct 28 2015
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"So, you like Country Music?"


Actually, I'm not sure if anyone from Nashville likes country music. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. The people who make money from it like it, I think. But, we are so much more than a city for country. Music City is our title, and it truly means all music. We have one of the best overall scenes around, whether you actually are looking for country, or rock, punk, alternative, electronic or acoustic. 

"Have you ever seen snow?"


Yes, because when it gets cold, it happens! I know weather from other regions isn't taught in school, but some basic geography really says a lot. I'm from Nashville, not Orlando, Florida. School in the North has quickly taught me that people from these parts actually didn't know other places that aren't the north also get cold. 

"Do you have cowboy boots?"


Nope. And I'm not actually sure I could name a single store that sells them. Broadway, the street, I think has them? It's that place that those tourist people from other states wearing cowboy hats go. Yeah, that's your best bet. 

"Why don't you have an accent?"


If you're in Nashville with an accent, someone will ask you where you're from, because Nashvillians really do not have accents. Any city in the north is more likely to leave you with an accent than Nashville is. 

"Do you know Miley Cyrus?"


Every single person from Nashville has been asked this question at least once. If I asked someone from California if they knew Arnold Schwarzenegger, it would be just as silly. My grandfather actually works for Billy Ray, though, so I'll be quiet about this one. 

"OH my god. My cousins nephew's brother's wife's cousin twice removed was just there, and LOVED it."


Alright. That's... pretty cool, I guess?

"Do you know where Taylor Swift lives?"


...Actually, I do. But I'm still going to look at you funny for asking. 

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Olivia Ray Laskowski - Northeastern University

Olivia Laskowski is a rising Sophomore at Northeastern University majoring in International Business and German, minoring in Economics and Global Fashion Studies. She is the editor in chief and founder of Fresh U Northeastern. In high school, she was an exchange student in Frankfurt, and she is currently studying abroad at the London School of Economics. She enjoys drinking coffee, walking aimlessly through cities and owning too many tote bags. Follow her on Instagram @o.ray or check out her website!

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