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Sep 21 2015
by Olivia Ray Laskowski

4 Tests You'll Actually Want to Take In College

By Olivia Ray Laskowski - Sep 21 2015

College is a time of self-discovery. We're shipping ourselves off to school to figure out who we are, what we're good at, and what we want to do. We're learning about our own personalities, wants, needs and talents just as much as we are about our majors and minors. That being said, we shouldn't go into it blind. 

Most of us, aged 17-19 right now, have a decent idea of who we are, some idea of what we want and somewhat of a grasp on our beliefs and values. But, sometimes putting those to the test can surprise us. In the spirit of taking on our freshman year with our eyes open, I challenge you to take these four tests. The results may not only shock you, but they'll give you a good glimpse into who you are and will equip you with the ability to give concrete answers about at least a few things. 

1. The "Who Am I?" Quiz

Let's dive right into the deep end, shall we? The Who Am I Quiz by VisualDNA is a 10-15 minute quiz that prompts you with questions about your habits, likes and dislikes, emotions and behaviors. It includes things like "what would you have for dinner?" or "how messy do you let the desk get before cleaning it?" After about 50 of these, it uses your scores in 5 categories (openness, consciousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism) to tell you how those combine to effect your self control, composure, attitude and outlook. 

It can be really surprising because it quantifies things that seem unquantifiable, but it will definitely up your self awareness factor significantly. Take it, here.

2. The Political Compass

It seems like we've all got a concrete idea of where we are on the political spectrum, or no idea at all. Either way, this quiz can really clarify your political stance for you. At the end, it'll even compare you to famous and infamous politicians, showing you how close you are to Obama, Stalin, or even Ghandi. Instead of your average linear spectrum going from left (liberal) to right (conservative), it puts you on a square grid. Placing you on the crosshairs of liberal, conservative, libertarian and authoritarian. 

Political discussions are seemingly inevitable on college campuses, even in classes. Not only that, but Freshman year of college is many of our first times voting. It is important to be aware of where you generally fall in the political mess so that you won't flip flop too much if someone asks you. It isn't the be-all end-all of your thoughts, and isn't detailed enough to really get you, but it is great at giving you a neighborhood. Find where you are, here

3. ISEEK Career Inventory. 

Most of us took the little career test on the PSAT or ACT that ended with a wheel, pie chart thing that told you what sort of jobs suited your wants, needs and personality. It asked us things like "how much would you enjoy building a bird house?" ISEEK still asks a little bit about how much we like woodworking, but it also takes into account your skills, personality and affinity for certain school subjects. 

Dead set on a major or undeclared, as freshman none of us really know what our career will be. Taking tests that say "this job would be really great for you," or "you might want to jump out your office window at this job," can guide us towards the right major or reaffirm what we're already working towards. You can take it, here

4. The Enneagram Test

This is like the Myers-Briggs test but way, way WAY better. We've all taken the MB test and found out we're INFP or ENFJ or W-h-a-t-e-v-e-r but the Enneagram takes it a step further to break us down further than just "this" or "this." The Myers-Briggs doesn't always give conclusive types because it is so 50/50, black and white, one or the other. The Enneagram Filters people into nine types, showing you how much of each type you are and why. It also analyses which types clash, work together well, and make good friends. This one is REALLY helpful for choosing group project buddies.

For each type, there are PAGES of analysis across multiple sites about how your type affects your work, relationships, and social interaction. I'm fairly sure Drake wrote Know Yourself about this test. Figure it out by taking the test, here. 

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Olivia Ray Laskowski - Northeastern University

Olivia Laskowski is a rising Sophomore at Northeastern University majoring in International Business and German, minoring in Economics and Global Fashion Studies. She is the editor in chief and founder of Fresh U Northeastern. In high school, she was an exchange student in Frankfurt, and she is currently studying abroad at the London School of Economics. She enjoys drinking coffee, walking aimlessly through cities and owning too many tote bags. Follow her on Instagram @o.ray or check out her website!

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