Summer is finally here, and we all know what that means: travel, parties, festivals, and all-around fun in the sun. And what's an adventure without a soundtrack? To grant your wish for some fun and fresh tunes, I've rounded up ten artists with recent music that will add the perfect touch to your summer playlist.

1. Hayley Kiyoko

You may remember her as Stella from the DCOM "Lemonade Mouth," but Hayley Kiyoko has grown out of her Disney days and into an amazing individual artist. Mixing dreamy, upbeat music with honest lyrics, Kiyoko sings about her own experience with love, particularly loving women.

2. Kim Petras

Armed with a powerful voice and a catchy beat behind her, Kim Petras will make you jump out of your seat and start dancing. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along with her amazing belts and wondering why you never discovered her before.

3. The Aces

A girl band that combines the fun, upbeat elements of today’s pop music with the funky rhythms of 80s guitar rock and their poetic lyrics will get stuck in your head all day. Need I say more?

4. Noah Kahan

A bit more stripped down than most other artists, Noah Kahan is an act made up of his voice, his guitar, and occasionally a blend of other instruments or artists. A soulful blend of pop and folk, his music will make you introspect for days.


Her dreamy voice is probably the first thing you’ll notice about her, followed closely by her eclectic and enchanting music. AURORA is a Norwegian pop sensation, and with her insane voice and melodies, it’s no wonder why she’s beginning to take over the rest of the world too.

6. Pale Waves

This UK band recently broke into the alt-pop scene, but their work is already paying off for them. Electrifying, soulful, and completely dance-worthy, you can’t miss the opportunity to listen to these ladies.

7. Glades

This Australian indie-pop band features two multi-instrument players, so each song has a different beat-driven sound while keeping that same excited and fun energy for which the band is known. And, not to mention, oh-so dance-worthy.

8. Emily Burns

This pure pop artist has been around for a few years, but her music is starting to gain some serious traction in the music world. With every new song seeming to be another incredible anthem, some are already calling Emily Burns the sound of the summer.

9. Wallows

This indie-rock band is eclectic and melancholy, and still produces an amazing beat that keeps you moving. Perfect to listen to as the sun sets or for windows-down driving, Wallows brings you back to the golden years of alt-rock and makes you wonder why it ever left in the first place.

10. Chloe x Halle

As some of the first artists signed to Beyonce’s label and starring on the critically-acclaimed show "Grown-ish," it’s no wonder these sisters do anything but shine. Their music is catchy and soulful, with their voices perfectly layering on top of one another. Keep your eye on them because Chloe x Halle is fearlessly rebuilding pop and R&B music to create a sound that’s truly spectacular.

Now that you've learned a little bit about the artists, I've included a Spotify playlist so you can listen to them right away (your ears will thank me). So grab a cool beverage, kick back, and hit play on your new summer soundtrack!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash