It's the beginning of March, which means the start of Women's History Month. This month is a special dedication to the work that women have done and continue to do to better the world. This includes champions of equal rights, artists and political figures. Women like Shirley Chisholm shook up the political landscape as the first black presidential candidate, Serena Williams who has become one of the best athletes in the world and Sandra Oh who became the first Asian woman to win two Golden Globes. To celebrate this Women's History Month, here is a playlist of the best songs by female artists to keep on repeat. 

1. "Dreams" by Solange

If you haven't heard Solange's new album, you need to listen to it right now. The album follows her previous one, "A Seat At The Table," which set its place as a representation of the female experience and black women. This song comes fresh off of her latest, "When I Get Home," which pays tribute to her hometown. "Dreams" has a soft melody that reflects Solange's soothing voice.  

2. "God is a Woman" by Ariana Grande 

Just the title of this song is a statement of the power of women. Beyond even that or the lyrics, the song pondered the idea of re-imaging God as a woman because of all the extraordinary things women are capable of. Grande sings the song with power and confidence which are major themes for this month. Grande in her own right is one of the most successful female artists today with a recent Grammy win last month. 

3. "Blue Lights" by Jorja Smith 

This song is by British artist, Jorja Smith who first got noticed because of this song. The song addresses the tremulous experience brown and black people have with police. It's from the perspective of someone who is pleading for the police to pass by a loved one instead of stopping them. Although Smith is from the U.K., similar issues plague the U.S. She used her platform to start a conversation. Besides that, the song has a good beat that will have you singing along with Jorja's soulful voice. 

4. "The Kids are Alright" by Chole x Halle 

These two are a sister-duo cosigned by Beyoncé herself. They were recently nominated for a Grammy for the "Best New Artist." This song is an anthem for young people and a message to older generations that this new generation is just fine the way they are. Lines like "Workin' ain't no nine to five" and "We a genius generation" speak to the sentiments of young people and women today. It's obvious these two have a lot more for us in the future. 

5. "Doing Me" by RAY BLK 

RAY BLK is a rapper and singer with feel-good vibes. This song is an unapologetic ode to doing whatever you like as a woman without the opinions of others. She addresses the issues of pressure on women to act a certain way in society. She states she can walk out in a tracksuit and no one should care and just because she wears a short skirt doesn't mean she wants a certain type of attention. The song gives the boost you may need anytime you're feeling down. 

6. "I Like That" by Janelle Monáe 

Monáe is one of the most talented artists today. She has a Grammy-nominated album and a successful acting career. Monáe has also been vocal about the importance of representation for women of color and queer women. As a queer woman, she has challenged the status quo unapologetically. This song expresses that fully with nothing held back. Monae expresses the fact that she is in control of herself and happy to confront anyone who says otherwise. This song is a good reminder that it only matters what makes you happy.  

7. "Money" by Cardi B  

She may be a more controversial character when it comes to representation of women, but Cardi B has solidified herself as a groundbreaking female artist. She is a Grammy-winning rapper who has changed the landscape in hip hop. Usually, female rappers have a hard time getting their due respects and some are still waiting for them, but if nothing else her songs are catchy especially this one. If you don't know this song, which I doubt, Cardi raps about getting her money for not only herself, but for her daughter. The message behind the song presents a strong woman who is capable of and shouldn't get shamed for working to get her money. Hopefully, this song gives you the energy to work hard for what you want.  

8. "Independent Women, Pt. I" by Destiny's Child

This song is a little older than the others, but still is relevant to today. Destiny's Child was a powerful girl group that helped set the path for many others after them. This song is exactly what the title states. It's about being an independent woman under the premise that you're capable of providing for yourself which even in the early 2000s challenged gender roles.  

Take these songs into March as a playlist for this celebration of women. Now is the time especially to take the time to learn about women who have and are currently doing work to further women and people. All of these artists in some way have proven the power and influence of women today. Hopefully, this month will inspire you and others to continue the work, and maybe you discovered your new favorite artists through this playlist!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash