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Sep 04 2017
by Olivia Humphreys

6 Terrifying Things You Go Through the First Week of College

By Olivia Humphreys - Sep 04 2017

College is full of firsts. Depending on who you are, this can be incredibly exciting, cripplingly scary or a mix of both. Everyone, absolutely everyone, goes through it. Here are a couple things that are bound to come up within the first week or two of school, and why you are going to be absolutely okay. 

1. Meeting your roommate.

Whether you spoke to your roommate before moving in or not, meeting the person (or people) who you're going to be sharing a room with for the next year is a little nerve wracking. Keep an open mind, try to make a good first impression, but know also that first impressions aren't everything. Don't put too much pressure on – some roommates become best friends, some don't. Either way is perfectly fine. 

2. Going into the dining hall alone.

It's inevitable. Usually on the first day or so, people will go to the dining hall in huge groups. Eventually though, when everyone gets their own schedules, this becomes less and less possible. And at some point, you might have to eat even if everyone in your hall is studying. The good news is, there are tons of new people the first week, and you can pretty much sit down with anyone and strike up a conversation.

3. First day of class.

Even if you know that you're prepared for college, you have all your supplies and you are feeling relatively motivated, that first moment you walk into class is a little nerve wracking. If it's a big lecture hall or tiny discussion group, you might feel overwhelmed or like the professor will tear your wee brain to shreds. They won't. Professors know it takes time to adjust to college. You will do fine. Take a breath, relax and do your best. 

4. First party.

This one, hopefully, is a mix of nervousness and excitement. You don't really know anyone, and you might not be sure if everyone at this house is completely trustworthy, but you do want to party. Try to grab a little group, or at least one other person, and stick with them for the whole night. Look out for your buddies, be safe and let loose. This is what you've been looking forward to since you first heard someone ironically quote Animal House in middle school!

5. First massive homework dump.

When your professor assigns an entire novel in one night, you might feel slightly horrified. And it's true, college is a lot of work. But there are some skills that you can develop, like skimming and picking out main ideas, that are going to make it easier. Again, there's an adjustment period to the pace of college life. You are going to get the hang of it, and eventually, reading 100 plus pages a night is just going to be another part of college life.

6. First time you get homesick.

This one is rough. You're feeling lonely, and you miss your family, friends, dog, maybe just your own room. Again, that's just part of leaving home for the first time. You might feel isolated, or just like you don't have a support system like you did back home. Join some clubs. Go for a run. Cry it out if you want to. There's no right or wrong way to feel homesick. Just ride the wave, and try to get excited about college again. You worked so hard to get to where you are, try your best to enjoy it!

You got this. There's going to be a few scary moments, sure. There's going to be an incredible amount of fun moments, too, though. The first weeks can be tough, but just remember it's all going to pass, you'll find the people and the classes you love and it all gets easier from here. 

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Olivia Humphreys - Colorado College

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