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Apr 16 2016
by Noemi Griffin

Two Students are Raising Money to Hike from Mexico to Canado

By Noemi Griffin - Apr 16 2016

Two students from Georgia are raising money for their first thru hike. Luke Jackson (18) and Frank Will Wynne (19) spent a night on the Appalachian trail a few years ago where they met expereinced thru hikers. And on the App Trail their love for outdoor hiking was born. 

Image: Facebook

Now Luke and Will are keeping the spirit alive with their next hike. But this time it won't be on the App trail. The boys are venturing West for a more challenging trail; the 2650 mile, Pacific Crest Trail, which travels from Mexico to Canada.

"It has always been a dream of ours to attempt a thru hike, and we can't wait any longer," the boys wrote on their Go Fund Me page. 

The trip is ambitious because there are only 100 days between the spring and fall college semesters. They'll have to average 27 miles a day to complete the trail in time. But despite doubts from peers that they'll be able to finish, they are confident that their 500 miles of experience has prepared them. 

They plan to start the hike on May 10 and to complete it by August 16 and will stop accepting donations once the trip is complete. 

They also write on their Go Fund Me that their "goal is to raise $1 for every mile we hike. Any amount exceeding our mileage will be donated to EcoTrust Charity, "a catalyst for radical, practical change". You can follow their journey on their Instagrams (tank_the_frank_ and lurk_jerkson). 

Lead Image Credit: Frank's Facebook

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Noemi Griffin - Mercer University

Noemi Griffin is a Journalism and Spanish major at Mercer University. Her true passion is dogs and it is truly a great day whenever there is a dog in sight. Instagram: noemioriana Twitter: noemi_oriana

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