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Apr 23 2016
by Noemi Griffin

These Twins Were Offered Over $1 Million In College Scholarships

By Noemi Griffin - Apr 23 2016

A twin brother and sister in Chicago have been offered a combined $1.6 million from the 56 colleges the pair was accepted to. 

Shaprice and Deprice Hunt felt a rush after they got their first acceptance letter and wanted to keep racking in the wins. But even more than that, the twins told Fox 29 that they wanted to make sure they didn't have to burden their mother to get an education. 

Deprice joined a group at Uplift Community High School called One Goal whose goal was to help students go to college. The honor student was accepted to 21 of the 56 combined schools, and received scholarship offers from many of those schools. This included Morehouse college in Atlanta where he thinks he'd like to attend. 

Shaprice, the more athletic twin, received basketball scholarships at several of the 35 schools she was accepted. Since she wants to ensure that her mom doesn't have to pay a lot, Shaprice will likely attend and play basketball at one of the several Illinois universities where she was offered a scholarship.  

Both twins schools offered one class period a day where students were allowed to work on their college applications, which they said definitely helped their process. 

As he awaits the fall, Deprice said to Fox 29 that he intends to keep his job at an area grocery store and save up for the many expenses he anticipates will come with the new school year.

Deprice also hopes he and his sister have set a positive example for other teens, especially from Chicago, where he says the news too often covers only the negative side of youth rather than uplifting tales like his own.

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