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Mar 25 2016
by Noemi Griffin

This Kappa Kappa Gamma Sister is Suing Nationals for Over $1 Million

By Noemi Griffin - Mar 25 2016

Crazy things happen on bid day. Amidst all the excitement of finding your "home" and being immersed in new traditions sometimes things might get out of hand. But privacy is expected within the confines of the house. In fact, many houses will collect phones at the beginning of the night to ensure that nothing is recorded. 

And that's exactly what was done at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house at Southern Methodist University this January on their bid day. But despite this precaution a video of the night's events was still submitted to KKG Nationals. The video depicted some of the senior members drunk and singing the sororities recruitment songs, and many of the sisters in the video were topless. 

Once Nationals got a hold of the video, they demanded that the semi-nude sisters be identified, otherwise the situation would be handed over to SMU administration. As a result 18 sisters were asked to leave the sorority and 10 more were put on probation. 

According to a report by Total Sorority Move, one sister is suing Nationals for invasion of privacy, since the video wasn't making the organization look bad. No one knew of the events until the video was turned in. So the sister is asking for over $1 million. She was not shown topless in the video, but regardless believes the video could damage her reputation. 

The sister has not been identified, but TSM included an excerpt from the Dallas Morning News stating that the lawsuit is to prevent further sharing of the video. 

Lead Image Credit: KKG SMU Twitter 

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Noemi Griffin - Mercer University

Noemi Griffin is a Journalism and Spanish major at Mercer University. Her true passion is dogs and it is truly a great day whenever there is a dog in sight. Instagram: noemioriana Twitter: noemi_oriana

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