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Mar 15 2016
by Noemi Griffin

The NCAA is Hosting Baseball Games in Professional Parks

By Noemi Griffin - Mar 15 2016

College baseball games are being held at professional parks more and more since 2015. The 2016 season has seen a steadily increasing amount of games being hosted on this neutral territory. Minor league parks have hosted a slew of games and tournaments with even more games scheduled. And MLB teams like LA Dodgers and Texas Rangers are set to host big tournaments. 

According to a report by ESPN, Charlotte Knights GM Scott Brown has been working to improve relations between pro baseball and the amateur leagues. Brown says that this system "makes the most sense." 

This system is beneficial to both the college teams and the minor and major league clubs. The clubs cover gate costs and split gate profits with the host school. The ballparks also get the advantage of having a "soft open" where park operations can be tested before opening for the real season. 

The games also allow the teams to receive more exposure to different audiences, including scouting opportunities. Many of these games are held where high school baseball is big, so it gives the college coaches a chance to look at these players and potentially bring them out to a game. 

However, it is much easier for these stadiums to host one off games at the beginning of the season before pro ball gets in swing. The bigger tournaments that would happen two months into the pro season are rough on the staff and the field says Brown

Last weekend Dodger Stadium held UCLA, USC, Mississippi State and Oklahoma games on their field. This coming weekend ACC schools will start of conference play and be returning to their own territory and regaining home field advantage. 

Lead Image Credit: Bob Haarmans (flickr CC)

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Noemi Griffin - Mercer University

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