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Mar 12 2016
by Noemi Griffin

Spike Lee Unveils Newest Social Awareness Project

By Noemi Griffin - Mar 12 2016
Spike Lee is always speaking out about what he believes to be unfair treatment for individuals in the black community. Most recently, the director protested to 2016 Academy Awards for not electing any minorities for the slew of awards. 

In 2015, Lee unveiled a project series called "Lil' Joints" (the episodes can be found on YouTube for $0.99). Lil' Joints is a series of mini documentaries that follow prominent stories in the black community, a few of which center around sports and have been featured on ESPN. 

His newest joint will focus on the student protests that happened at Mizzou last year in response to administrative mishandling of racially charged incidents. The film, titled "2 Fists Up" (a reference to the symbol of the black power movement), will include of the university football team which stood in solidarity with the campus organization Concerned Student 1950. 

Lee made a trip to the university to interview and film students leading a protest aimed at continuing racial tensions. He also attended a viewing of the student documentary "Concerned Student 1950" while on campus. 

The film will be released online on May 31st on ESPN and can be found the Lil' Joints YouTube channel. 

Lead Image Credit: Screenshot from footage of Lee's trip to the University of Missouri, YouTube

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Noemi Griffin - Mercer University

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