Teens are reporting a wider spectrum on sexuality than ever before. Generation Z is 17% less straight than the millennials. 

The J Walter Thomas Innovation Group found in a new survey that only 48% of Generation Z (individuals currently aged 13-20 ā€“ surprise, you're not the millennial you thought you were) identified as "exclusively heterosexual". This is a pretty big decrease from the 65% of millennials. 

The survey was presented at a panel at SXSW last week. And the percentage of heterosexuality is not the only thing that Gen Z was changing. The survey found that they were keen on rejecting the traditional gender binary as well as supporting gender-neutral public bathrooms. 

Fewer than 1000 individuals participated in the survey, but the researchers are 90% certain that the results could be generalized to the entire U.S. population. 

The results of the study suggest that gender is becoming less important in self-identification, and that fluid sexuality and gender is the new normal. 

Lead Image Credit: Ted Eytan (flickr.com Creative Commons)