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Mar 18 2016
by Noemi Griffin

Derrick Gordon Is The First Openly Gay Player in the NCAA

By Noemi Griffin - Mar 18 2016

March Madness is already breaking people's brackets, but a graduate transfer on Seton Hall's basketball team is breaking the mold. Derrick Gordon is the first openly gay player in the NCAA...ever. 

The shooting guard came out in 2014 making history as the first D1 college player to do so. But to Gordon and his teammates, the game is more important than the big news. Gordon has declined interviews that would highlight his sexuality over his athletic ability. 

According to a report from USA Today, Gordon and LGBT advocates were hoping for a domino effect with his coming out story. But since the news broke, no other D1 athlete have done so. However, assistant men's coach Chris Burns at Bryant University became the first openly gay coach in a top-four sport. 

Gordon is also the first player to play in the NCAA tournament with three different programs (Western Kentucky, UMass, and most recently Seton). 

Lead Image Credit: Derrick Gordon's Facebook

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Noemi Griffin - Mercer University

Noemi Griffin is a Journalism and Spanish major at Mercer University. Her true passion is dogs and it is truly a great day whenever there is a dog in sight. Instagram: noemioriana Twitter: noemi_oriana

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