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Mar 14 2016
by Noemi Griffin

D1 Schools Are About to Get a Lot More Money

By Noemi Griffin - Mar 14 2016

The NCAA announced that it will be distributing $200 million to it's Division One universities. This announcement came nine months after the association announced that it would distribute almost $19 million during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. 

The most recent endowment boost is to be divided based on the number of full athletic scholarships student receive from each university. This means that the biggest athletic programs will be getting the most money. 

However, the use of the $200 million is not unrestricted. The NCAA has stipulated that it is to be used for actions like expanding academic advisement and tutoring resources, and to launch programs for academic literacy and improve organizations geared toward mental health. 

This money is classified by the NCAA as 'unrestricted Division One assets', meaning that the funds are coming from reserved money meant as financial protection for the association. This "quasi-endowment" was established in order to protect against an event that could damage revenue that comes from the D1 Men's Basketball tournament. 

USA Today reported that athletes at D1 schools are receiving nearly $160 million a year in additional benefits; these benefits include four-year scholarships and unlimited food. 

Athletic scholarships ensure that student-athletes can be focused during the school year without having to juggle a job on top of a busy schedule. The high caliber of competition at D1 universities calls for a demanding practice schedule on top of demanding class schedules. 

There have been many academic scandals surrounding special treatment for athletes in the classroom, like the notable case at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Hopefully, with this money being allocated to exclusively to academics, academic dishonesty will be less frequent among D1 athletes. 

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