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Mar 16 2016
by Noemi Griffin

Another Female Coach is Winning a Settlement Because of Discrimination

By Noemi Griffin - Mar 16 2016

The University of North Florida agreed to a settlement of $1.25 million with Mary Tappmeyer, former women's basketball head coach. Tappmeyer alleged that the university discriminated against her and her players because of their gender. She also claimed that she was fired from her position last year because of her gender. 

In a report done by Inside Higher Ed, university president John Delaney said that the settlement was only agreed to in order to avoid a lawsuit. Despite the settlement, the university is adamantly rejecting the allegations. Delaney said that each of her allegations were investigated  thoroughly and completely. 

A list of  some of Tappemeyer's allegations are as follows:

1. The athletic director encouraged her not to recruit lesbian players.
2. The AD encouraged her to recruit white Midwestern players only.
3. The AD encouraged her to hire exclusively male assistant coaches and replaced all outgoing female coaches with males.

Two other female coaches at the university are also going without renewed contracts this year. Softball and basketball coaches Jan Branford and Anette Wiles were asked to leave the university as well. The reason listed for Tappmeyer were that the university couldn't pay her salary anymore; however, Tappmeyer's male counterpart made a higher salary than she did. 

The university says that the salary difference made sense, as the university was switching from D2 to D1 and needed to attract male coaches who would help the school succeed. A report by the university's office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity said that the women's basketball student-athletes GPA's were higher than their male counterparts, but that all athletes made the requirements for admission to the university. 

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Noemi Griffin - Mercer University

Noemi Griffin is a Journalism and Spanish major at Mercer University. Her true passion is dogs and it is truly a great day whenever there is a dog in sight. Instagram: noemioriana Twitter: noemi_oriana

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