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Nov 12 2015
by Noemi Griffin

7 Things I Don't Miss About Varsity Sports

By Noemi Griffin - Nov 12 2015

1. Being required to wear team gear…. all the time.

I know that most people jump at the opportunity to wear sweatpants on a daily basis, and don’t get me wrong, I love showing school spirit; but wearing team sweatpants three out of five days of the week just isn’t my style. I’d much rather be able to wear my spirit gear, but be fashionable at the same time.

2. Playing games over the holidays.

While everyone else got to enjoy their Christmas vacations to the fullest, we’d only have a few days off before it was time to get back to practice because we would have another game coming up the following weekend. The same goes with Thanksgiving, or any other time off between the months of November and March.

3. Having to schedule your life around games and practice.

On top of playing basketball, I was a lawyer on our mock trial team, a member of National Honor Society and Key Club, I was an actor in our school-wide theatre productions, and I was in the IB Diploma Program. You could imagine that scheduling got a bit hectic for me.

4. Weekend/Morning Practices.

The exercise was great, but you never knew how long practice was going to last on a Saturday. Without the impeding presence of the boy’s basketball team signaling that it was time to get off the court, it was possible we could go an hour longer than we were intended to on any given weekend.

5. Bus Rides.

Each bus ride we took to a game or a tournament came with its own stress. Were we going to get stuck in traffic and be late to the game? (Plausible). How long could we nap and not be groggy before we played? (You couldn’t). Will anyone be quiet long enough to focus on getting ready for the game when you needed to? (Unlikely).

6. Drama.

Leaving the drama off the court can be a little more challenging than it sounds when you play on a team full of teenage girls. Especially after a loss. 

7. Running as punishment .

Need I say more?! There are many things that I’ll miss about playing basketball. Nothing is quite as exciting as getting ready for a really big game; the energy in the locker room alone is probably enough to power the lights on the court. Your coaches and senior leaders can turn out to be great role models, and your fellow teammates can end up becoming some amazing friends. Though I would have never continued playing basketball into college, I definitely don’t regret every year I played prior. 

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Noemi Griffin - Mercer University

Noemi Griffin is a Journalism and Spanish major at Mercer University. Her true passion is dogs and it is truly a great day whenever there is a dog in sight. Instagram: noemioriana Twitter: noemi_oriana

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