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Dec 18 2017
by Nikki Frazer

7 Gift Ideas That Give Back

By Nikki Frazer - Dec 18 2017
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As university students, we are constantly exposed to problems in the world. Whether they be major political issues, healthcare system flaws, environmental issues, etc. This holiday season, since we are in a position to know about these issues, we can also help change them. Choose your gifts with the idea of a bigger cause in mind, and feel good about spending your hard earned money on both a gift for a loved one and on a contribution towards the greater good. Below are seven examples of organizations that offer great gifts with a charitable aspect to them. 

1. IvoryElla


IvoryElla creates beautiful apparel and accessories while also donating a portion of their proceeds to Save the Elephants. Grab a Nightshade Rosemale Tee for your bestie and feel good about helping wonderful animals! 

2. United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)


Browse UNICEF's Survival Gift shop to find a variety of gifts with low to medium price ranges, and which help increase child survival and development. For example, give the gift of health and safety with the $11 pack of 3 bed nets in the name of your loved one.  

3. World Wildlife Federation (WWF)


Give your fragile college friend something soft to hold onto when they get their exam marks back. The World Wildlife Federation offers the option to symbolically adopt an animal from a range of species so you can save an animal and give your friend a soft plushie and certificate with their name on it. For example, you can adopt an African Elephant, a Red Panda or a Honeybee. 



LSTN Sound Company has a mission to create both impressive sound quality in their earbuds, headphones and speakers, as well as an impact in communities all over the world by donating hearing aids to people in need. Every purchase helps donate hearing aids, so go ahead and buy those Bamboo Avalon Earbuds for your sister. We all deserve to listen to some great music, right? 

5. BoxLunch 


BoxLunch is a nerd's paradise of a retailer. They offer merchandise from Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter and more. Along with your purchase, BoxLunch is donating a meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks as long as you purchase something from their Pop-Culture selection! 

6. Ten Thousand Villages 

 Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is an online international marketplace selling beautiful, handmade items that ensure that the creators receive a portion of the sales and can continue to create fair trade items with a steady income for their families. Browse their selection of handwoven scarves, up-cycled electronic pieces and beaded jewelry to delight your parents with an item that comes with a story. 

7. Better World Books 

 Better World Books

Better World Books is the perfect place to pick up that copy of John Greens latest teen novel. They offer a wide selection of new and used books, and promise to match each purchase with their Book for Book guarantee in order to donate books to those in need. As well, they donate a portion of their proceeds to libraries across the globe. 

And there you have it! The gift list that comes with free good karma. I hope you will consider supporting some of these great causes, and have a very happy holiday! 

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Nikki Frazer - University of Toronto

Nikki is a student at the downtown campus of the University of Toronto studying Physics and Philosophy. She loves the wilderness of her home in B.C, as well as the energy of the biggest city in Canada!

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