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Jul 06 2015
by Nicole Perrotta

5 Things You Will Definitely Experience At Your Grad Party

By Nicole Perrotta - Jul 06 2015

One of the best perks of the end of senior year is here: grad party season. In the weeks following graduation nearly every recent graduate is swamped with a delightfully packed schedule of graduation parties galore. Here are a few things that you’re bound to experience at every grad party.

1. Free food

Undoubtedly one of the best parts of any party really, the food is a guaranteed staple at any graduation event.

2. Random relatives

Friends and peers aren't the only ones who want to celebrate graduation. Most of the graduation parties out there are likely to have at least one table full of the host's extended family adding a unique background to any grad party.

3. Those peers you may never see again

The sad (or maybe not so sad for some) truth about high school ending is the reality that we won't be keeping in touch with everyone in our graduating class after walking across the stage. Grad parties have the potential to be the last time you see some of those peers from school who may never become part of your regular squad.

4. Waves of nostalgia

Along with all the fun, in-the-moment festivities, graduation parties also serve as a friendly reminder that this chapter of your life has truly come to a close. Whether this makes you jump for joy or reach for the tissues, a few nice waves of high school nostalgia are sure to hit during a graduation party.

5. Rad times with your friends

Finally, the best and most important part of any graduation party is true friends. Chances are you'll be making the party rounds with your best buds and enjoying some time together before you all jet off in different directions in the fall.

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Nicole Perrotta - University of Pittsburgh

Nicole Perrotta is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. In high school she was the capatin of her school's color guard. She enjoys reading, green tea, and daisies.

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