With Valentine's Day right around the corner, "love is in the air," as said by John Paul Young. This red and pink holiday brings a few groups of people into the limelight; googley-eyed couples, anti-Valentine marauders and girls who preach the single life by celebrating "Galentine's." Even more so, you'll see hopeless romantics on every block in the city. You can tell by the way they stare at couples with dreamy eyes and linger in chocolate shops. Have you ever wondered if you were a hopeless romantic? Well, here are seven signs that you are indeed a hopeless romantic.

1. Whenever you read a book or watch a movie, you ship the main characters.

While this may seem like a given, it's true — people who yearn for romance wish to see their favorite characters in love. I know I do this. In an interesting article by Psychology Today, two researchers from the University of Toronto found that reading fiction helps readers experience emotions similar to that of the protagonist. It's not just mere coincidence that hopeless romantics are drawn to romance books — it's science! By emotionally investing in a novel, they're able to experience some of the emotions they yearn for.

2. You're a daydreamer.

I'm talking about within the context of being a hopeless romantic. Daydreams have been proven to be more than just fantasies — they actually help us determine and understand our goals and hopes for the future. This translates to a never ending desire for love and passion. When we feel frustrated by reality, also known as a very apparent lack of a love life or troubles within a relationship, we take up "escapist" daydreaming. These daydreams can actually be therapeutic since they stimulate the brain to help make up for whatever may be lacking in our lives. Conclusion: daydreaming is good for you! Dream on, gals.

3. You believe in love at first sight.

This trait is a little more rare, but some people still believe it — and they are just the people we're talking about here. There are substantial arguments for and against falling in love with someone at first sight. The concept can be further broken down into two components — romantic intensity and romantic profundity. Essentially, love at first sight is described as an intense love that makes you want to spend more time with the person. If you believe that you'll meet your soulmate by experiencing love at first sight, you are most definitely a hopeless romantic.

4. You believe everyone has a soulmate.

Seventy-three percent of Americans believe everyone has a one person they're destined to be with. Since this is more common than believing in love at first sight, believing in the concept of soulmates does not necessarily make you a complete romantic. However, it still induces a notion of wishful thinking and believing in "the one." If you go about your dating life with the mindset of trying to find "the one" rather than trying to see who could be a potential long term partner, I'd say this definitely hints at a desire for profound love.

5. You believe fate or destiny plays a role in your love life.

People have many different notions of fate and destiny. The belief can come from various outlets, such as your friends, religious beliefs and even Hollywood influences. When many people find someone they deeply care for who loves them back, they may have a tendency to think that fate brought them with that person. Psychology Today found that how you perceive the role of destiny in your relationship may influence the outcome. Believing in the notion of destiny typically implies that you're looking for the perfect partner. The concept of fate and destiny goes hand in hand with looking for a soulmate. Do you believe that destiny will bring you with your soulmate? If so, you may be a little more romantic than you thought.

6. You are in love with the idea of love.

Generally speaking, people who are in love with the idea of love have a tendency to dive into relationships seeking the feeling, and not a person. To be fair, many people want to be loved. An interesting article by Elite Daily clearly outlines the differences between being in love with someone and actually loving them. People who are in love with the feeling of love are typically looking for a constant emotional high, someone to think about all the time and having someone to always want. 

7. You have high expectations for relationships.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing. Expectations are important for setting boundaries and knowing when someone isn't good for you. I'm discussing expectations that people draw from movies and T.V. shows. If you're looking to base a relationship on Hollywood constructed entertainment, you're setting expectations that are high, and in some cases unrealistic. I can't say I blame anyone for it, especially those who have yet to experience a relationship. Haven't we all dreamed of being kissed in the rain with music playing in the background?

If you're still not sure whether you're a hopeless romantic or not, take this test by Psychology Today to find out. It doesn't take too long, and the cool part about it is that it won't just give you a "yes" or "no" — it rates you on a percentage scale! So you get an accurate representation of how much of a hopeless romantic you really are.

Whether it's dreaming too much about rom-coms or looking for your soulmate, there's a romantic within you somewhere. So embrace it and go enjoy this Valentine's day with your friends, significant other and some chocolate. 

Lead Image Credit: Adam Kontor via Pexels