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Jan 15 2017
by Nicole Molinari

10 Freshmen Talk About What They Wanted To Be When They Grew Up

By Nicole Molinari - Jan 15 2017

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a kid? We all had dreams growing up, always bouncing between different ideas. Celebrities were fun. Firefighters and astronauts were cool. Scientists were mischievous, and some even dreamed of wearing tiaras upon their heads one day. Little did we know that for many of us, these dreams would change as we got older, and for others, they would remain the same. 

Fresh U interviewed 10 first year students about what they wanted to be when they grew up, and we got some pretty cool responses.

1. Savena – Wilfrid Laurier University – Business Administration

"I was around the age of seven or eight when I first started going to court with my dad, because he’s a lawyer. I remember loving the feeling of sitting in the gallery and watching lawyers do their job. I started being exposed to many cases when I was older, and that’s when I began taking an interest in law. Around grade eight, my dad brought a case home and allowed me to work on it with him. I found a discrepancy in the case, and my dad brought up my point in court. I remember being so proud of it. I went to watch that case, and my dad won it, which was the best. Though I’ve had an amazing first term at Laurier, as sad as it is, I have to leave next year because I got into the University of Leicester Law School in the UK."

2. Laura – Carleton University – Political Science & Law

"When I was a kid, I wanted to be a farmer because I really wanted to work with animals, and then it migrated to a veterinarian. When I took the science courses I needed in high school, I liked them, but my mind couldn’t grasp the concepts. So then I decided that I could be a politician, and I went for a politics degree. Halfway during last semester, I added law as another major."

3. Thomas – Queen's University – Electrical Engineering

"I’ve always wanted to do engineering, and I’ve known for a while. As a kid I was always trying to figure out how things worked, and why things were the way they were. That’s the basis of this subject; using that knowledge and applying it to make things behave the way you want them to. That’s why I’m doing this. I’ve always been told I’d be a good engineer."

4. Suba – Wilfrid Laurier University – Business Administration

"When I was a kid, it just bounced around. I wanted to become a pharmacist, a doctor — then it switched to an engineer or lawyer. I took a bunch of science courses in high school, which I didn’t mind. But I couldn’t really see myself pursuing it in the future. Near the end of high school, I really liked my business courses so I applied to business programs. That was very drastically different for me because a year before then, I had no idea that I would even do a business degree."

5. Caitie – University of Toronto – French and History

"When I was a kid, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher because I loved going to school. That never changed as I grew up. In grade nine, I worked teaching kids martial arts because it was something that I loved to do. It was fun and reinforced that I want to be a teacher. Now I’m at UofT for education, and hopefully after I get my teacher’s degree and bachelor of arts, I will go into teaching."

6. Katja – University of Guelph – Animal Biology

"I am one of those lucky people who has always known what they wanted to be in life. When I was a kid and our family took our dog to the vet, I knew I wanted to work with animals when I grew up. In high school I volunteered at a veterinary hospital for a year, and then began working there the next year as a veterinary assistant. I went on to gain broader experience by working at two farms when I was 17. I’m now in a program that will provide me with all the prerequisites needed for vet school."

7. Kieran – Wilfrid Laurier University – Business Administration

"Rock star was a big one. Rock star was cool. Celebrity. I always just wanted to be in front of people. I chose business because it’s less risky, and you can do acting and singing for fun as hobbies. Business still allows you to be in front of people if you choose to."

8. Katarina – McMaster University – Communication Studies and Multimedia

"As a child, I always dreamed of becoming a journalist, wanting to research and keep abreast of current issues throughout the world and broadcast these events nationwide. Becoming a journalist has always been my passion since childhood. It has led me to where I am today, and I’m happily pursuing my lifelong ambition."

9. Deyanne – Wilfrid Laurier University – English

"As a child, I had always wanted to do something useful with my life. I spent hours reading about Free the Children, Operation Christmas Child, Mother Theresa and on and on. I wanted to be like that. With issues such as the refugee crisis, the spread of Ebola and terrorism around the world, I started to gain an interest in the management of crisis. I’m currently looking to a career in politics. I’ll start out as a lawyer and see where it takes me. I’m looking to do a double major in business and politics for post grad, to help me prepare for a political career."

10. Jamie – University of Waterloo – Science and Business

"When I was in high school, I had braces, and I was really fascinated by how the orthodontist was doing things whenever I went in for a monthly checkup. That really inspired me to be an orthodontist. I kept pursuing sciences, but in grade 11 I wasn’t sure if I wanted to study for that long. I liked science but I didn’t think I had the grades for it — so then my mom asked about science and business. I looked it up and I really enjoyed what the program was talking about."

It's insane to think of how so many of us started out with these big dreams and that we actually have the opportunities to pursue them today. Isn't it interesting how many people made drastic changes along different points in their lives? 

The moral of the story is that different things work for different people. Some people know what they want the moment they're out of the womb; other people have no idea what they want to do until they're halfway through college. Go with your gut, no matter where you end up. If you like something, you're good at it, and you work hard, you'll turn out much better than just fine.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels via Pixabay

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Nicole Molinari - Wilfrid Laurier University

Nicole is a sophomore at Wilfrid Laurier University who is pursuing a major in business administration and a minor in writing. She loves working part time as a lifeguard, and in her spare time she enjoys reading and making memories with friends. A victim of late night syndrome, she knows she needs more sleep but wouldn't want to live her life any other way.

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