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Sep 12 2015
by Nicki Kaplan

10 Ways to Make Friends Fast

By Nicki Kaplan - Sep 12 2015

1) Invest in a Doorstop


Propping your door open at the start of the year is a great way to meet people fast. People can come in and out and you'll feel more connected to your floor buddies.

2) Reach Out and be Heard


Don't hesitate to join in on a conversation or chat with the people around you. If you take the initiative to reach out to others, then people will remember you and approach you again. The more effort you put in, the more friends you'll have.

3) Get your Game on

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Join in on a round of Mario Kart or be the guy who brings Cards Against Humanity down to the lounge. Games are a great way to involve people in some simple fun, and as a result you'll meet people and cultivate new relationships.

4) Join an Activity


Whether you join an intramural sport or that new sign language club, you're bound to see new faces. You can have fun playing sports, create new hobbies for yourself and learn new things, all while making friends along the way.

5) Consider Rushing


Joining a fraternity or a sorority is an amazing way to make new pals. You'll be able to take part in fun activities and obligations, and have instant friends living in your house.

6) Attend Events

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If it's a Friday night and you're staying in, think again! There are so many fun things to do on a college campus, from going to football games to dancing the night away at a good party. Make sure to take advantage of all the happenings around campus, and you'll meet so many fun people.

7) Hang in the Lounges


Don't stay hidden in your dorm room all day. Make sure to head out to the lounges every once in a while. Bring your books down and study with other people living in your dorm. When you have time to kill, head out to the lounge to hang out with others.

8) Hit the Gym


It's always healthy to break a sweat and gain some muscle. Head over to the nearest fitness center and have a conversation with the person biking next to you. Join a fitness class and make friends with others who have joined, as well.

9) Chat it up at Class


You probably should not chat with others during your classes, but it's the times sandwiched around class that count. Before class, during breaks, and afterward, casually converse with other students. You most likely have similar interests to them because, after all, you're taking the same class.

10) The "Be Yourself" Cliché


Don't go all middle school and pretend to be someone that you are not. Yes, college is the chance for a fresh start on making new friends, however you don't want to blow it right off the bat. Be true to yourself, and the people that accept you for the amazing person that you are will become your best friends.

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Nicki Kaplan - Northwestern University

Nicki Kaplan is a freshman at Northwestern University majoring in journalism. In the next four years she plans to finish her novels in hopes of publishing them and make the most out of her journalism career as a student. In her free time she likes to obsess over cute animals, hit the gym, head to the beach, play the guitar and piano, meet and befriend awesome people and laugh a lot.

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