Sometimes when we feel gross inside we just wanna watch a good movie! You don't feel like catching up on the same old shows or doing anything productive' you just want something different that is going to take your mind off of your bad mood. So here are a list of movies to watch when you are feeling down.

1. Drive Me Crazy

If you're in the mood for an oldie, Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier are late 90's gold! The "different worlds colliding" premise never gets old. For anyone who longs to escape into the world of pointless high school drama, this is definitely the way to go. 

2. John Tucker Must Die

Sometimes you are in need of a classic early 2000’s movie to pull you out of your funk! This movie is teen angst at its finest, and the schemes are sure to get your mind off of all of your problems. With the pop punk soundtrack and the low rise jeans, what else could you ask for!?

3. Get a Clue

Honestly any DCOM will do! This just happens to be one of my favorites! Disney Channel movies radiate that pure 2000’s energy that reminds us of simpler times: like, back when all we worried about was our parents letting us stay up to watch the night of premiers. If you're gonna watch a throw back, you might as well go all the way back. 

Now, a new category: we all love the classic romantic comedy! There is nothing better than watching two people fall in love, but sometimes watching all those happy endings can make us feel bad about our own love lives. Here are some options for those who are tired of the classic boy meets girl.

4. How to Be Single

Not only is it hilarious, but it also makes me wish I was twenty-something living in a big city! Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson urge us to take risks and bust out into the world cause we never know what will happen.

5. Set it Up

This Netflix original is definitely worth the watch. It’s got Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs and even Pete Davidson! Watching these two stumble around NYC trying to figure it all out is an hour and forty- five minutes well spent. 

6. The Duff

This movie is an instant classic and one of my favorites. I am not ashamed to admit that I have to go back and watch this whenever I am getting down on myself. In this day and age comparing yourself to other people is an everyday occurrence, and The Duff reminds us that at the end of the day, how we feel about ourselves is what's most important. 

7. About Time

In need of a good cry, I recommend bringing on the happy tears! This movie is on the longer side but every second is worth it. This is also a good one to watch if you are in need of the solid reminder to not waste a single day of your life.

8. Life Itself

Not enough people talked about this movie! It has some very intense scenes so you have been warned, but if you are down for a heart wrenching story with intertwining plots, then this movie is definitely for you.

9. Passengers

I have to be 100% honest, this trailer was a bit misleading. That makes the ratings complicated but hey, so is love! All you need to know is that if you watch this movie you are in for about three plus hours of hysterical crying. It combines romance with science fiction to give us a fresh and heartbreaking story. If you thought Titanic was good, allow me to introduce you to your next favorite movie.

10. The Departed

Lastly, if you are in the mood for something with an edge and you are a fan of Quentin Tarantino film then you need to check out this movie directed by Martin Scorsese. It should definitely be on everyone's movies to watch list. When else will you get the chance to watch  Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon run around Boston with Jake Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg? It’s definitely rated R for a reason so it doesn’t skip out on the action and it's sure to keep you occupied for a couple of hours!

Part of what makes a movie a "feel better movie" is how you felt the first time you watched it. So if you don’t feel like checking out any of these suggestions, try to think about some of your own past favorites and go from there!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash