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Apr 21 2017
by Natasha Beauchesne

5 Famous People Who Went to Le Moyne College

By Natasha Beauchesne - Apr 21 2017

Thinking about attending Le Moyne College? While we are smaller than the nearby Syracuse University, there’s a lot that a small school can offer, and that’s evident from the list of famous Le Moyne alumni. Check the list below to see who was once a Dolphin and went on to do great things.

1. Tim DeKay

USA Network

An actor known for his role in the TV show White Collar, Tim DeKay attended Le Moyne College to study business and philosophy. Fun fact: He guest-starred on both Seinfeld and Friends!

2. Jeanette J. Epps


Yes, she’s an astronaut. Epps was born in Syracuse and attended Le Moyne, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Physics. Now she works at NASA and her first spaceflight is scheduled for May 2018. This will make her the first black woman to board the international space station. After the movie Hidden Figures was released in late 2016, NASA has called her a “Modern Figure” for all women in STEM fields.

3. Charles Siragusa

A graduate from the Le Moyne class of 1969, Siragusa went on to become a federal judge in 1997 for the United States District Court for the Western District of New York. The cool part? He was nominated by Bill Clinton. It’s worth remembering that he started as a Dolphin. 

4. Siobhan Fallon Hogan

Paramount Pictures

A fellow Dolphin, Hogan is an actress who has appeared in many popular films such as Forrest Gump, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Daddy Day Care and Men in Black. She’s also been in shows such as Seinfeld and 30 Rock. A Syracuse native, Hogan certainly exemplifies success as a Le Moyne graduate.

5. John Zogby

Busboy Productions

While he’s no actor, John Zogby’s importance remains undiminished. He is the founder of “Zogby Poll,” which has been described by the Washington Post as the second-best polling brand in the United States. His presidential polling has remained one of the most accurate through five elections. He has been on NBC News, CBC and BBC, as well as guest-starring on the Jon Stewart Show twice. His polling company has also been mentioned in many media platforms, such as the Netflix show House of Cards. John Zogby got his start at Le Moyne College and remains a part of the school today, serving as the inaugural Director of the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship.

If you are hesitant about attending a small Jesuit college like Le Moyne, don't be. A school like Le Moyne is perfect for helping you achieve your goals. Whether you are aiming to be an actor, an entrepreneur, a judge, an astronaut or anything in between, just know that it's possible because in the end, it's up to you to chase your dreams. 

Lead Image Credit: Natasha Beauchesne

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Natasha Beauchesne -

Natasha Beauchesne is a sophomore at Le Moyne College majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. She enjoys reading, running, yoga, and cuddling with her cats. If you have any leftovers, she will most certainly eat them all for you. Follow her on Twitter @tashabeau

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