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Aug 13 2017
by Natalie Rubio-Licht

7 Ways To Be A Good Roommate

By Natalie Rubio-Licht - Aug 13 2017

The months of August and September are filled with new horizons for many incoming freshmen. While starting college, moving away from home and meeting new people all at the same time, many are fumbling with the newfound independence and responsibility that living with parents doesn’t provide. Many freshmen are moving into a dorm with either a complete stranger or someone they barely know. For those who have never lived with a roommate, this can be a very daunting thought.

Living with someone is easy, as long as there is mutual respect. Here are a few tips on cultivating that respect and living harmoniously with your new roommate.

1. Get to know them and their interests.

It’s impossible to live with someone if you know nothing about them. Make an effort to get to know them, talk to them about their interests and hobbies and don’t be afraid to share yours too. You might find that you have an interest in common, and if not, find something new for you guys both to explore. It’s easier to live with someone if you have something in common.