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Oct 10 2016
by Natalie Day

What To Do With Your Parents on Parents Weekend

By Natalie Day - Oct 10 2016

Parents weekend is coming up, and it's pretty exciting to see Mom and Dad after a month or two away from home. With your parents in town for the weekend wanting to see your new life, it can be hard to figure out what to do. Here are six things you can do with your parents during parents weekend.

1. Take them on a campus tour.

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Your parents may have gone on a campus tour with you when you were deciding on schools, but they haven't seen it since you've learned your way around. Now that you know where everything is like the best dorms, the good cafeteria and the best study spots, show them off to your parents. They want to see how much you're loving your new life on campus.

2. Show them where your classes are.

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When you're showing your parents around, make sure to take detours to your classrooms. This way your parents can see where you're learning and how you're liking the learning environment.

3. Take them to your favorite places around town.

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Since move-in, have you discovered your new favorite coffee shop, bookstore or thrift shop? Not only do your parents want to see your school and campus, but what's around it. Show them around the surrounding town or city while they're in town for the weekend.

4. Introduce them to your closest friends.

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It's important that your parents know who is in your life as well. If you've made a couple close friends since going to school, ask them to stop by and say introduce themselves to your parents when they get a chance.

5. Go to a restaurant you've always wanted to try.

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Walking down the streets of your town, you've probably seen a restaurant or two you've wanted to try, but couldn't afford. While your parents are visiting, take advantage of it and ask them to take you out to dinner.

6. Attend your school's parents weekend events.