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Oct 30 2016
by Natalie Day

The 8 Best Cities to Study Abroad

By Natalie Day - Oct 30 2016

As you begin to develop your four-year plan, you might be considering studying abroad. Not only is studying abroad an amazing experience, also helps shape the adult you become. Deciding where to spend your semester abroad can be very difficult. To make the decision somewhat easier, Fresh U has compiled a list of eight cities that are great study abroad destinations.

1. Paris 

Image Credit: Huffington Post

If you're looking to expand your cultural horizons, Paris may be the perfect city for you. Not only can you live like a tourist at the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, but you can visit the local cafes  and shops lining the streets of Paris. The architecture will amaze you on your way to treat yourself to a fancy dinner at Les Apotres de Pigalle. Paris is a study abroad hotspot because it's crawling with college students. As the top student city in the world, you can't go wrong with a semester in the French capital.

2. Melbourne 

Image Credit: Rydges

If you're a sports fan, Melbourne is the perfect city for you. With the constant sports rivalry with neighboring city, Sydney, you'll get the experience of both cities in one. Not only is it great for sports people, but the arts scene is wildly popular. Museums and cultural centers dot the city, making it famous as the cultural city of Australia. If you end up here, make sure you visit the National Gallery of Victoria, which boasts a collection of Australian paintings. This city also has a raging nightlife, making it perfect for college students on the weekends, as well.

3. London

Image Credit: Time Out

London is one of the most popular cities to study abroad in. Fortunately, there isn't a language barrier and the school options are endless – there are 48 universities just in the city in of London. On top of this, the theatre and music scene is very popular within the city.

4. Hong Kong

Image Credit: White & Case

If you're a city person at heart, Hong Kong might be your best study abroad option. Flooded with people, this city boasts over seven great schools. Not only this, but you get to spend a semester in a lively city with an ocean view. Hong Kong is a perfect study abroad option because it has wonderful programs in many specialized areas. Check them out here.

5. Buenos Aires

Image Credit: Four Seasons

If you want to travel south for your study abroad semester, consider Buenos Aires. This city has been called "the Europe of South America" because its architecture is comparable to that in Paris. Buenos Aires is famous for its eclectic culture and tango music.

6. Dublin

Image Credit: Dublin Town

What better way to spend a semester than living oceanside with castles dotting the skyline? Dublin, known as the alpha city of Ireland, is rich with famous architecture and culture, as well as famous for its pubs and bars. Consider traveling to Dublin if you want to take a semester abroad.

7. Madrid 

Image Credit: Wall Street Journal

Located in the center of Spain, you can't go wrong with a semester in Madrid. It's live with culture and architecture, but it also known as one of the most livable cities on this list. Unique to Madrid, there are many alternative universities which specialize in specific majors and interests. If one of these schools peaks your interest, what better place to spend a few months of your college life?

8. Budapest

Image Credit: In Your Pocket

If you're looking to expand your cultural horizons, Budapest is the perfect place to go. Another wonderful perk to this city is how inexpensive it is in comparison to the others on this list. Budapest is famous for its geothermal springs and water caves, which can come as a cultural shock to those who aren't used to communal baths. Take a chance and expand your cultural horizons in Budapest.

The world is full of wonderful places that are rich with culture, architecture and individuality. While you are deciding where to live for a few months of your college life, take into consideration these cities. Every individual needs something different in a study abroad experience, and hopefully one of these cities is perfect for you.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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