With most of us finishing up finals and getting ready to head home for winter break, we don't necessarily know what to expect. Other than a short Thanksgiving weekend, we haven't been home since summer. With a few weeks to see your friends, family and visit your favorite places, you're bound to go through a few different emotions. Here are five emotional stages of winter break.

1. Anticipation

Finally testing is over and you can't think about anything other than getting out of the car or off the plane and going home. Nothing is better than eating a home cooked meal, hugging your family and climbing into your bed — which suddenly seems bigger. The waiting is killing you, but soon enough you'll get to experience all those things.

2. Excitement

After you initially get home, it finally sets in that you have a few weeks to relax. Thinking of all the things you get to do — visiting your high school, seeing your friends from home, holiday traditions — you can't help but smile and look forward to the rest of your break.

3. Stuffed 

Fast forward a week and you're in a post-holiday dinner coma. Stuck on the couch, weighed down by the amount of food you just consumed, you can't think of anything but a nap... and eventually dessert.

4. Exhaustion

Now that you've seen your friends, been to all your favorite places in your hometown and spent some quality time with your family, it hits you how tired you are. You've been in constant motion since getting home that it's time to sit down and relax a little bit.

5. Boredom

With only a few days left of break, you may start to get bored. You miss your friends from school and, as much as we hate to admit it, it's kind of nice to have responsibilities. While coming home was nice, you're ready to go back to school.

After the stress of finals, we're all ready for a break. Make the most of it.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels