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Dec 30 2016
by Natalie Day

9 Movies and TV Shows Leaving Netflix in January 2017

By Natalie Day - Dec 30 2016
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Every month, Netflix takes some movies and TV shows off their website and adds new ones. In just a few days, they'll be doing this for the month of January. Here are nine movies and TV shows that are leaving Netflix on January 1st, 2017. Make sure you watch them before they're gone.

1. "Bewitched"


A classic remade with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell, you can't go wrong with this hilarious movie. When a humble with in real life gets cast as a witch on a TV show, the story gets rolling. Watch it before it's gone!

2. "Bring it On"

Beacon Pictures

The original movie that brought on a popular series of cheerleading movies will be leaving Netflix this week. The rest of the series will, as well, so it's time to get binging.

3. "Breakfast at Tiffany's"


You can't beat this classic. Every girl longs to be Audrey Hepburn in her iconic role in this film. Only a few days left to catch up on this nostalgic movie.

4. "Hairspray"

Palace Pictures

While it's not the popular music version of the movie that every knows today, the original that inspired the musical will be leaving Netflix. If you haven't seen the original movie before, you'll want to before it's gone.

5. "Sixteen Candles"

Universal Studios

Every girl's nightmare is portrayed in this classic chick flick as a girl has just about the worst sixteenth birthday possible. Most of us, and even our parents grew up watching this movie, so it'll be good to watch while you're still home for winter break.

6. "The Fast and the Furious"

Universal Pictures

Calling all car and action movie lovers! The Fast and the Furious series has been wildly popular for years and the remake of the original movie is leaving Netflix this month. You only have a few days to watch it!

7. "Saving Private Ryan"


This heart-wrenching movie is sure to cause tears. If you need a good cry before the end of the year, Saving Private Ryan is the perfect movie.

8. "Saved by the Bell"

NBC Productions

This classic series is leaving Netflix this month. If you can binge all six seasons in a couple days, props to you! You'll be rooting for the romance between Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris just like the rest of the world was!

9. "Nanny McPhee"

Universal Pictures

Most of us grew up on this movie. A great story of magical nanny will definitely have you reliving your childhood. 

You only have a few days to watch these incredible movies and TV shows. If you miss them, don't worry. Here is a list of movies coming to Netflix in January that you'll love.

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Natalie Day - Columbia College Chicago

Natalie Day is a freshman at Columbia College Chicago and is double majoring in acting and writing. She has traveled to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Jamaica for mission trips. Natalie spends her free time binge watching Netflix and working on her life long goal of becoming an old dog lady. Follow Natalie on Twitter and Instagram @nat__day.

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