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Dec 29 2016
by Natalie Day

7 Things All Art Students Need

By Natalie Day - Dec 29 2016
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If you're an art student, there are a few essential things you need to have, both for your personal use and for your dorm room. If you don't have them already, these seven things are going to be useful every day while you're in school.

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones


If you're an art student, odds are you know a lot of other art students. Noise cancelling headphones are a must to block out theatre kids doing scenes and music kids belting at the top of their lungs. This cute pair comes in a variety of colors.

2. Sketchbook


Every art student needs a sturdy sketchbook. This one is classic and practical. Sketchbooks are great to keep in your backpack for any sudden inspiration you might have throughout the day.

3. Mug


Art students are fueled by coffee. What else would get us through the early morning classes and late night rehearsals? This mug describes the thoughts of art students perfectly and is ready to be filled with your first, second or third cup of coffee for the day.

4. Hamilton: The Revolution 


Are you really a theatre kid if you aren't obsessed with Hamilton? Hamilton: The Revolution is the book everyone who lives and breathes Hamilton should have. Get it here.

5. Polaroid Camera


Walk into any art student's dorm room and you'll see a wall full of polaroid photographs. This art student staple comes in many colors and can be purchased here.

6. Tapestry


Also in any art student's dorm room, across from the wall of polaroids, you'll find a tapestry hanging. These come in many colors and styles. Here is one in black and white, like pictured above, and here is another in blue.

7. Record Player


Lastly, nearly every art kid can appreciate the sound of a crackling record. It's essential to have a record player in art school, complete with a set of records. Here's the perfect record player to fit in your dorm room.

If you're an art student or want to have the essentials, these seven items are perfect for you. Happy shopping!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Natalie Day - Columbia College Chicago

Natalie Day is a freshman at Columbia College Chicago and is double majoring in acting and writing. She has traveled to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Jamaica for mission trips. Natalie spends her free time binge watching Netflix and working on her life long goal of becoming an old dog lady. Follow Natalie on Twitter and Instagram @nat__day.

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