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Dec 03 2016
by Natalie Day

7 DIY Holiday Gifts on a College Budget

By Natalie Day - Dec 03 2016

Every year it seems that your list of holiday gifts gets longer. It doesn't help that you just moved to college and haven't had time to save up spending money. Don't worry, Fresh U has got you covered. Here are seven DIY holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

1. DIY Sharpie Mug

This is perfect for anyone on your list. From your roommate to your family or significant other, you can personalize the message on any mug to be the perfect present. Check out this youtube tutorial on how to make them.

2. Peppermint Foot Soak

This is the easiest DIY gift for any of the ladies on your list. However, you can customize the scent for everyone on your list, just switch out the type of tea or essential oil. Look on for the recipe.

3. Personalized Cutting Board or Room Decor

Nothing will make your mom cry more than a family recipe hand printed on a cutting board. Using this tutorial for printing on wood, the gift possibilities are endless. You could whip up some cute room decor for your friends or a customized picture frame for you significant other.

4. DIY Zen Garden

For this gift, all you need is some sand, a glass container and any decorations of your choice. Zen gardens are popular office and room decor that serve a second purpose - they are very calming. What better gift than a homemade zen garden? It's perfect for your dad's desk at work.

5. Hot Cocoa Kit

This is a great and easy gift for your friends, roommate and maybe even your siblings. Everyone loves hot chocolate and throwing together a cute kit is something everyone will appreciate. Experiment with mason jars, tubes and any other container you can find at the dollar store.

6. DIY Coffee Cup Candles


Everyone loves candles, but candles in a cute mug to match you room are even cuter. Throw a couple of these together for anyone on your list. They'll love how cute they are, and you can choose different scents or colors to personalize them.

7. Modern Mixtape


Mixtapes were the rage of our parent's time, but finding a cassette player is hard these days. Instead, opt for a modern mixtape. You can make a playlist and burn it on a CD or pull in onto a flash drive. Wrap it up all cute and it's the perfect free gift for anyone on your list.

There you go, seven DIY holiday gift ideas that are perfect for your tight budget. Hopefully these work for everyone on your list. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Natalie Day - Columbia College Chicago

Natalie Day is a freshman at Columbia College Chicago and is double majoring in acting and writing. She has traveled to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Jamaica for mission trips. Natalie spends her free time binge watching Netflix and working on her life long goal of becoming an old dog lady. Follow Natalie on Twitter and Instagram @nat__day.

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