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Dec 14 2016
by Natalie Day

5 Ways to Have a Fresh Start Your Second Semester

By Natalie Day - Dec 14 2016
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Now that your first semester of freshman year is over, it might be time for a fresh start. Nothing is better than starting a new semester with a clear mind and clean environment. Here are five ways to start the semester off on the right foot.

1. Clean out your backpack.

After finals, you probably closed your backpack and haven't touched it since. It's filled with old papers, broken pencils and granola bar wrappers. Before second semester, really clean out your backpack, only saving the things you'll actually use again. Once you do this, you'll be prepared for your new classes.

2. Give away old clothes.

After a semester of school, you've probably realized what clothes you actually wear and what you don't. Cleaning out your closet will help you declutter your space, giving you more room for the things you actually do wear.

3. Rearrange your room.

In some dorms, you're able to move the furniture around. If you can, change the height of your bed or switch some of the furniture around. They say a change in your environment also changes your mindset, which is perfect for the new semester.

4. Set new study habits.

We're all guilty of slacking off on studying. If you take the time to establish a new study routine or way to organize your schedule and assignments, you'll be off to a great start. Making a commitment to stay organized at the beginning of the semester is the perfect place to start.

5. Make a goal and stick to it.

Lastly, set one goal for the semester. This could be something small like taking extensive notes in class or something bigger like achieving a 4.0. Whatever your goal is, make a commitment to it and don't let yourself down.

If you do these things, you'll enter the new semester with a new mindset. You'll be prepared for whatever is coming for you in the second semester of your freshman year.

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Natalie Day - Columbia College Chicago

Natalie Day is a freshman at Columbia College Chicago and is double majoring in acting and writing. She has traveled to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Jamaica for mission trips. Natalie spends her free time binge watching Netflix and working on her life long goal of becoming an old dog lady. Follow Natalie on Twitter and Instagram @nat__day.

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