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Dec 26 2016
by Natalie Day

5 Alternatives to a New Year's Kiss

By Natalie Day - Dec 26 2016

Unless you're in a committed relationship and aren't away from your significant other for New Year's because of winter break, you're probably dreading ringing in the new year because of the iconic New Year's kiss. Everyone feels the pressure to "have" to kiss someone as the clock changes to midnight. Luckily for you, you can opt out of kissing someone and do one of these five things instead.

1. A group hug with your closest friends.

As cheesy as it sounds, what better way to start off the year than surrounded by your closest friends. Relationships suck — most of us can agree on that one — but your friends will always be by your side.

2. A selfie with all the couples.

A great alternative to a New Year's kiss is to take a selfie with all the kissing couples. It's hilarious and a great way to avoid a kiss. Plus, it's totally Instagram-worthy so all your friends from school can see how crazy your New Year's Eve was.

3. Watch the ball drop.

A classic. There's no better way to ring in the new year than to watch the ball drop. Plus this is a great option whether you're with family or friends. Just turn on the TV and it's like you're basically in New York.

4. Start your New Year's resolution.

We all make New Year's resolutions that we may or may not plan to stick to. You can't go wrong starting immediately. Plan on writing a book? Start chapter one right as the clock chimes midnight. Want to work out more? Grab your exercise clothes and do some of these dorm-friendly workouts.

5. Celebrate with food.

Whenever there's a reason to celebrate, it's also an excuse to eat more. Indulge in an extra slice of pizza or go for the cake without even putting it on a plate. Nobody will judge you or try to kiss you when you have a mouthful of food.

New Year's is supposed to be fun. Don't let the pressure of a New Year's kiss get in the way. Take a moment to reflect on the year you just had — from graduating high school to finishing your first semester of college — and get excited for the year to come.

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Natalie Day - Columbia College Chicago

Natalie Day is a freshman at Columbia College Chicago and is double majoring in acting and writing. She has traveled to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Jamaica for mission trips. Natalie spends her free time binge watching Netflix and working on her life long goal of becoming an old dog lady. Follow Natalie on Twitter and Instagram @nat__day.

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