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Jul 03 2017
by Natalie Dahl

A Letter to The President From a Disgruntled Citizen

By Natalie Dahl - Jul 03 2017

Dear President Trump,

After living under your presidency for over 150 days, and through your presidential campaign for many more days than that, I genuinely thought that none of your words could surprise me. I thought I had heard everything when you said conservative commentator, Megyn Kelly, must have had "blood coming out of her wherever" because you were angered by the questions she asked you during a presidential debate. Then, I really thought I had heard everything when you said you feel it is okay to "grab [women] by the pussy." I was sure that there was nothing else you could say to catch me off guard. But, once again, I was wrong. 

Your vicious personal attack on Mika Brzezinski via Twitter in regards to her "low IQ" and her face that was "badly bleeding from a face-life" is absolutely nauseating. You feel this need to point out how unintelligent and ugly you find women whenever they criticize you. Is your skin so thin that you cannot stand to hear anyone speak critically of you? It is Mika's job to call you out on your mistakes; as a political commentator, it is literally what she is paid to do. If you are going to be disgusted by anything right now, it should be with the horrendous healthcare bill the Senate Republicans were hoping to pass this week.

I hope you know that your despicable words about her intelligence and appearance are not just an attack on Mika, but on women everywhere. You should be working to empower women of today. How can women trust you to enact laws and policies that are good for them if you clearly do not treat them the equally to men? How can parents teach their sons to respect women when the man who is supposed to be a role model clearly does not? How can we, as a society, work to end the patriarchal culture so ingrained in us, if you, our president is playing an active role in promoting it? 

What I find most surprising about your comments towards Mika is that you attacked her about a plastic surgery procedure. Besides the fact that you have no evidence that she had plastic surgery, even if she did, why shame her over it? Have you forgotten that you have also had plastic surgery to rid yourself of a bald spot? And what about the liposuction you received? Has that slipped your mind, as well? 

Your remarks were beneath the office of the president and I am saddened that you are our commander-in-chief. But please, don't apologize for your crude tweet. I know it wouldn't be genuine.


A disgruntled voter

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Natalie Dahl - Ramapo College

Natalie is a sophomore at Ramapo College of New Jersey. She is majoring in nursing and is passionate about politics, as well as social justice. When she is not studying, she can be found binge watching Friends and The Office on Netflix.

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