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Nov 28 2015
by Natalee Gustin

To My Soulmates

By Natalee Gustin - Nov 28 2015

Sorry, boys, I’m not talking about you this time. The fabulous Carrie Bradshaw was really onto something brilliant when she said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates.”  I know that there are tons of letters to best friends out there, but best friends will always deserve endless appreciation. There are some relationships that are just magic -- and if we're lucky enough, those relationships are with our girlfriends. There’s a chemistry that is undeniable and unshakable and I am so amazed that I have found found soulmates so early on in life.

So, Soulmates, both new and old, in the spirit of Thanksgiving passing and just because I’m reflecting on the special people in my life, many thanks are in order:

Thank you for for being my biggest cheerleaders, always supporting me through my dreams and successes, and for comforting me during my failures. You let me send my head into the clouds and you believe in me so much that I can believe in myself. Even though you let me be a daydreamer, you keep me grounded, and you aren’t afraid to yank me down to reality when I go too far. Thank you unconditionally being there for me when I need you. Despite the distance between some of us, a Skype date brings you close (what would we do without technology?). I can count on you to watch out for me, as I do for you, because we don’t know what would we would do if something happened to one of us. Thank you for the little moments -- the movie nights, pigging out on greasy pizza with me, and the best girl talk in the world. I will forever love the late night car rides, those quick “I miss you” texts, and the little laughs of an inside joke. Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself, for reading my mind when I can’t find the right words to say, and for knowing how to handle me when I’m a mess. You’re the comfiest shoulders to cry on, but thankfully, we don’t spend too much crying. Thank you for (almost) giving me abs from making me laugh until my stomach hurts and for always knowing how to make me smile. Thank you for the countless memories that are ingrained in my brain forever; the big events, the birthdays, the holidays, the exciting moments and the random impulses. You girls are the spark that makes life shiny and fun and spontaneous and keep me looking forward to the next adventure. 

You are the girls who have been seen me through every awkward stage, every embarrassing moment, every misstep -- and you still choose to love me. I suppose that’s what makes us soulmates. I don’t want to be corny or over dramatic and say that you complete me, but you help me to realize who I am and who I want to be, making sense of this crazy whirlwind that is this life.

I am so incredibly proud of the beautiful women you are, and I am beyond blessed to have you in my life. You are strong, independent, hilarious girls with the biggest hearts. I see only bright and brilliant things in your futures, and I can’t wait to be with you every step of the way. Thank you for being a part of my past, present, and future. You've all left permanent tattoos on my heart, no matter how long I've known you. You are some of the few constants in this ever-changing world, and like Carrie Bradshaw said, “They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.”

All my love!


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Natalee Gustin - University of Minnesota Twin Cities

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