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Dec 23 2015
by Natalee Gustin

16 Things You'll Miss About Your Roomie Over Break

By Natalee Gustin - Dec 23 2015

Winter break is finally here and we couldn't be more excited — but leaving school also means parting with your awesome roommate who has been with you every day for the whole semester. Over the last four months, you and your roommate have probably gotten pretty close because, well, you spent A LOT of time together. Here are some of the things you'll miss most about your other half (of the room): 

1. Her closet

What are you going to do for a whole month without two closets of clothes to choose from?

2. Your late night feasts

Because those slices of pizza at 11PM are absolutely necessary.

3. Spontaneous dance sessions

There is no better study break than dancing ridiculously and singing horribly.

4. Being your duet partner

It’s truly exhausting trying to sing both parts of "Baby it’s Cold Outside" alone.

5. She's your workout buddy

Now there’s no one to motivate (force) you to go to the gym and you’ll never work off all of those Christmas cookies.

6. Her advice and pep talks

From boys, to school, to clothes, she knows it all.

7. Life talks at 2AM

Because sometimes you just have to ponder the meaning of life at odd hours of the night together.

8. She's your best study buddy

You two try to make studying fun, if that's even possible.

9. Random surprises for each other

It’s the little things, right?

10. Texts about strange happenings on campus

Sometimes the things you hear are unbelievable, but college campuses are always unpredictable.

11. Lazy movie nights in together

Chick flicks, anyone??

12. Binge watching Netflix in your dorm

It’s slightly less pathetic when you don’t have to do it alone.

13. Cuddle sessions while online shopping

She convinces you that it’s okay to spend all of the money you don’t have.