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Nov 05 2015
by Natalee Gustin

10 Reasons Why We Miss Our Dogs More Than Anyone

By Natalee Gustin - Nov 05 2015

Let’s be honest, saying goodbye to your dog when you left for college was harder than parting with any of your friends or family. Now that you’re away from your best friend, any sense of a dog in the nearby radius sparks a frenzy of dog-deprived college kids who just need some puppy love. Here are a few reasons why we miss our canine companions the most: 

1. They have nothing but time to spend with you.

Dogs will never say, “Sorry, I already have plans,” and then ditch you to hang out with Spot down the street. Whether it’s going for a car ride, a walk around the neighborhood, or endlessly playing with a laser pointer, your dog always wants to spend time with you.

2. They are willing to cuddle all the time.

Even though your dog crushes you by putting all of their weight directly on top of you, you know you love every second of it.

3. They forgive you the second you do anything wrong.

Dogs will forgive you for things that a human would definitely shun you for. If you accidentally trip over them or wake them up from their nap, all it takes is a scratch behind the ears to make them forget all about it.

4. They’re always excited to see you.

Whether you’re away for 2 months, 2 hours, or 2 minutes, your dog will always jump around excitedly when they see you (which is arguably the best feeling in the world).

5. They don’t judge you.

Probably because they do weird things too, but also, just because they’re dogs.

6. Dogs always help you clean up your messes.

What are we supposed to do without our living vacuum cleaners? Use real vacuum cleaners?! Now when you drop a spare Goldfish or Ramen noodle, no one is there to happily clean up after you.

7. They have unlimited affection to give when you’re sad.

Sometimes, your dog reads your emotions better than people do, and best of all they don’t ask questions, they just snuggle.

8. They get excited about the littlest things.

I've always found it amazing how easily amused dogs are. A treat? A walk? Questions being asked in a high pitched voice? They love it all!

9. Dogs are the greatest listeners.

So, maybe they can’t offer advice when you’re having troubles, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need. They just sit and silently tilt their heads, looking absolutely adorable while you spill your guts to them.

10. They love you no matter what.

Dogs are the ultimate source of unconditional love. They are indeed our best friends, and they are always able to reciprocate the love we give them.

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Natalee Gustin - University of Minnesota Twin Cities

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