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Feb 28 2017
by Nancy Canevari

If Game of Thrones Characters Were College Students

By Nancy Canevari - Feb 28 2017

"Game of Thrones" has captivated millions of viewers across the world, and many find themselves drawn into the world of magic, dragons and castles. If we’re honest about it, however, few of us would actually want to move to Westeros — the show has an incredibly high body count, and the world is best left to the characters who know how to handle it. But what if the cast of "Game of Thrones" lived in our world and went to college? It’s safe to say that their personalities would transfer over into their behaviors in college, so let’s imagine what the "Game of Thrones" characters would be like as college students.

1. Jon Snow

He’s the student who you always see by himself: whether in class, in the dining hall, wandering around campus, he’s a lone wolf. A criminal justice major, he rarely leaves his room — which has no extra decoration and is furnished entirely in black — unless he absolutely has to, and when you do run into him, it’s in the library at three in the morning when you’re exhausted and he seems absolutely fine. Does he even sleep?

2. Sansa Stark

Sansa is the kind of student you wish was your best friend. She’s super outgoing and is involved in a ton of organizations on campus, and is always up for a good time. She’s a nursing major and always looks out for her friends, whether they need help studying, support after a breakup or hangover remedies.

3. Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys is a political science major who’s absolutely going to take over the world someday, and the only question is how many people she’s going to plow down in order to get there. She’s always seen impeccably dressed with a coffee in her hand, is involved in student government and several feminist organizations and definitely has a few illegal pets hidden in her dorm room.

4. Cersei Lannister

Cersei is angry at the world and wants to make sure that the world knows. She’s the student who bumps into you while she’s running to class and then blames you for being in her way, and takes most things that go wrong as a personal insult. She’s incredibly driven and strives to be the best in everything she does — academics, debate team, student government. An aspiring lawyer, Cersei never seems to sleep and spends a lot of time studying in the library.

5. Tyrion Lannister

Everyone wants Tyrion at their parties. He brings the best alcohol (where it comes from, no one knows) and is guaranteed to make everyone laugh, especially after a few drinks. His father wanted him to major in business so that he could take over the family company, but he rebelled and is now majoring in theatre. He’s a dependable friend and very entertaining, even if his dorm room perpetually looks like a hurricane hit it.

6. Arya Stark

Arya’s the quiet girl in your class who has all the right answers. She’s an engineering major and is driven and competitive, even if she’s not vocal about it. She’s introverted and doesn’t go out often, but she has a small group of friends that are very close. She’s a member of the fencing team, and even though she’s only a freshman, she’s one of their best members.

7. Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey gets invited to parties because his parents are rich and he always brings alcohol, but no one actually likes him. He argues with professors over his grades all the time and has managed to wriggle out of multiple disciplinary infractions through his parents’ connections in the admissions office — they’re big donors. An English major, he writes terrible poetry that he thinks is incredible and couldn’t possibly care less about school.

8. Margaery Tyrell

Margaery is a psychology major and can read everyone really well, to the point where she knows what makes everyone on campus tick. She’s very smart and works hard, but knows how to take a break and have fun, and is the life of the party when she arrives. In addition to academics, she’s very involved in her college’s LGBT+ organization and is a member of their competitive dance troupe.

9. Jaime Lannister

Jaime is a business major and knows that one day he’ll take over the family business: he isn’t thrilled about it, but he’s willing to do what’s best for his family. He can come off as an entitled jerk when you first meet him, but once people get to know him they find that he’s actually a sweet guy. He doesn’t have a very wide circle of friends, but he’s very protective of the ones he has. He’s a member of the fencing team and is also part of a disability rights organization on campus.

10. Brienne of Tarth

Brienne will always walk you home from a party if you’re too drunk to walk by yourself and is heralded across campus as the person who will step in if girls are being harassed at parties. She’s studying social work and wants to someday help children who have run away from unhealthy home environments. On campus she’s involved in a feminist organization and is the only female member of the football team.

11. Samwell Tarly

Sam is one of the most dependable guys on campus: he’s always willing to tutor other students when they don’t understand their homework and is always around to offer emotional support when it’s needed. He’s a history and anthropology double major and wants to someday work in museums, and currently volunteers at the campus art museum.

The next time you’re watching Game of Thrones, think about what your favorite character would be like if they were a college student. Even if the characters aren't real, you're sure to find representations of these people on any college campus.

Lead Image Credit: HBO

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