June is LGBTQ+ pride month, which means that it’s a time for members of the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate and take pride in their identities. Part of celebrating LGBTQ+ identities is supporting the work that LGBTQ+ people do within their chosen fields. Fresh U has decided to highlight nine LGBTQ+ YouTubers who produce a wide range of quality content guaranteed to entertain every college student.

1. TeaLeavesAndBookBindings

Ashley has a BookTube channel where she reviews books and does book-related videos, such as book tags and hauls. She identifies as queer and makes an effort to read books by lesser-known authors, as well as LGBTQ+ authors, which means that she offers unique book recommendations that are guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of readers.

2. Shep689

Will and RJ are a married couple (Will identifies as gay, RJ as bisexual) who post vlogs of their daily lives as well as other, sit-down videos where they talk about life issues. They’re really entertaining and make daily vlogs engaging, which can be hard to do. Their dog is also adorable.

3. Melanie Murphy

Melanie’s channel covers a wide range of content: She discusses important issues such as body image and eating disorders, sex ed, relationship advice and sexuality (she identifies as bisexual). She also talks about lifestyle and beauty and she frequently does collabs with other YouTubers to chat about various topics.

4. MacDoesIt

Mac’s channel is hilarious. He does comedy videos and reaction videos (which can easily fail to be entertaining, but his never fail to get a laugh). He also does storytime videos and “advice” videos, which should absolutely not be taken seriously but are pretty funny. He identifies as gay.

5. doddleoddle

Dodie has a music channel where she posts videos of her original songs and covers, including the occasional collab with another YouTube musician. She’s a very talented singer and puts together cute montages for many of her videos. She also has a vlog channel, where she talks about mental health, music, personal stories and social media as an industry. She identifies as bisexual.

6. Sam Tsui

Another YouTube musician, Sam Tsui posts covers of popular songs, both by himself and in collaboration with other musicians. He’s also posted a few vlogs where he answers questions from viewers and talks about his life. He identifies as gay.

7. Rose Ellen Dix

Rose and Rosie are a married couple (Rose identifies as a lesbian, Rosie as bisexual), who post weekly videos talking about YouTube culture, relationships and sexuality and the media. They also do tags and challenges. They’re both hilarious and will never fail to make you laugh. They also have an adorable cat that makes an appearance in some of their videos.

8. perpetualpages

Adriana has a BookTube channel where individuals post book reviews, monthly reading wrap-ups and book tags. They make an effort to read books by LGBTQ+ authors and authors of color and, as a result, have a very wide range of book recommendations for a wide range of tastes. They identify as nonbinary, aromantic and pansexual.

9. Ash Hardell

Ash has one of the most informative and educational YouTube channels I’ve ever encountered. They identify as queer and use they/them, he/him and she/her pronouns (for the sake of this article, I’m using they/them to remain as gender neutral as possible), and post videos where they talk about various aspects of sexual and gender identity in an order to educate their audience. They also talk about issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community and their own experiences with their gender and sexual identities, and they also frequently post collabs with other YouTubers who represent gender and sexual identities that they don’t represent to provide information about issues and identities from a wide array of sources.

The next time you’re looking for something to watch on YouTube, give one of these talented YouTubers a try. You’ll find yourself entertained, educated and inspired, and you'll know that you’re supporting the work of a diverse range of creators. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels