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Jan 21 2017
by Nancy Canevari

8 Tea Brands to Try Out

By Nancy Canevari - Jan 21 2017
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Tea is one of the most versatile beverages in the world: there are teas for virtually every occasion including anything from caffeinated teas that wake you up in the morning to herbal teas that put you to sleep at night. However, its versatility can be a bit intimidating to new tea drinkers because so many options exist. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a guide of eight tea brands to check out as you get started on your tea journey.

1. Bigelow

Bigelow is a great starter tea brand because it offers a wide variety of flavors for low prices and is available in most grocery stores. It offers a range of green, black, herbal and white teas, which taste good brewed both hot and iced.

Where to purchase: most regular grocery stores, Amazon,

Recommended flavors: Perfect Peach, Green, Cranberry Hibiscus 

2. Twinings 

Another classic brand, this one’s also available at most local grocery stores for the shopper on a budget. The brand also really know its tea — it's been around since 1706, so you can bet you’re getting a quality product.

Where to purchase: most regular grocery stores, Amazon,

Recommended flavors: Darjeeling, Oolong, Lady Grey

3. Trader Joe’s

Most store brand teas tend to fall short but, like in many other cases, Trader Joe’s is the notable exception. Its tea is not only made from quality ingredients, but it’s also inexpensive and comes in some very interesting flavors.

Where to purchase: your local Trader Joe’s

Recommended flavors: English Breakfast, Green, Chocolate Mint

4. Tazo

Starbucks may be known for its coffee, but its Tazo brand produces some great quality tea that isn’t nearly as expensive as some of its fancier coffee drinks. Most of its tea flavors also come in K-cups, which are perfect for the on-the-go student.

Where to purchase: your local Starbucks,

Recommended flavors: Vanilla Caramel Chai, English Breakfast, Youthberry

5. Tea Guys

This is where we start to get into some of the pricier tea brands, but the next four are definitely perfect if you have a larger budget or are shopping for a special occasion. Tea Guys have some of the most unique tea flavors I’ve ever encountered and its ingredients are definitely a reason for that: all of its tea bags are handmade from local ingredients.

Where to buy:

Recommended flavors: Pumpkin Caramel & Cinnamon, Caramel Sea Salt & Molasses, Cinnamon Ginger Chai

6. Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea has a wide variety of regular teas and ones designed specifically for wellness and balance, which are perfect for the busy, stressed college student. Its teas are a bit pricier, but they’re made from great quality products.

Where to buy:, most grocery stores, most health food stores.

Recommended flavors: Ginger Peach, Blackberry Sage, Blueberry Green

7. Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons sells a range of teas made from high-quality products. Its teas are available in bags or as loose tea leaves and are sold in both sample sizes and larger tins of 20 or 50 bags. Again, the prices of the larger packages are higher than the average box of tea, but they’re perfect for a special occasion or as a gift.

Where to buy:, Amazon

Recommended flavors: Earl Grey, Caribe

8. Capital Teas

Capital Teas is based out of a few locations across the U.S., but its products are also available for online purchase. The brand has a variety of loose leaf teas and tea sachets as well as tea samplers. They’re definitely more expensive, but the teas themselves are excellent.

Where to buy:

Recommended flavors: Cherry Blossom Rose

Hopefully this list will help you pick a tea brand that works best for you! 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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