Netflix is the downfall of many college students: with the tap of a few computer keys, it’s possible to gain access to thousands of TV shows and movies that you can watch instead of doing your homework. Netflix doesn’t have to be the enemy, however: there are a few activities you can do while watching your favorite TV show, which will ensure productivity while still having fun.

1. Fold your laundry.

Be honest here: how many days have you let your laundry sit unfolded in a basket at the end of your bed? If you’re going to spend time watching Netflix, you may as well make the most of your downtime and fold your laundry.

2. Clean your room.

Whether that means dusting, sweeping the floor or vacuuming the rug, there are probably cleaning tasks that you’ve been neglecting. Even if all you want to do is collapse on your bed and binge-watch Netflix, try to clean up as you watch.

3. Exercise

Next time you’re at the gym, bring your phone or tablet so you can be entertained as you’re working out. You can even play Netflix if you’re working out in your room.

4. Make a schedule.

Half of getting work done is figuring out when you’re going to work. While you’re watching Netflix, write out everything you need to do and plan when you’re going to get it done. That way, when you do start your work, you’ll be more organized in your approach.

5. Personal Grooming

Whether you need to shave, or do your eyebrows, or feel like pampering yourself by painting your nails or putting on a face mask, entertain yourself while you do it by watching Netflix.

6. Make food.

If you’re cooking for yourself in your room, make the process less tedious by watching your favorite show as you cook.

7. Online shop.

If you need to shop for groceries, textbooks or anything else, do it while you’re watching Netflix to make the time go by and maximize productivity.

8. Organize your desk.

You know how you’ve been telling yourself that you’re going to organize everything in your desk since the first week of September? Now is the perfect time to do it. Pull up your favorite Netflix show and watch it while you work.

Next time you want to do nothing but binge watch Netflix, pick an activity that can be done while you watch and do that as you watch. You'll be able to get things done while still being productive.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels